Printing & Print Quality

NOTE: All the pictures on this page are scans of prints made with the R3000. Although every effort is made to match the printed picture there will be a small amount of variation in colors. Print scans were made using an Epson V750 flatbed scanner.

First Prints

The R3000 so far looks very impressive, however, the real test for any printer is how well it performs. The R3000 uses the new Vivid Magenta UltraChrome K3 inkset which claims a wider Gamut over previous UltraChrome inks, so let's put it to the test.

I am using the same test chart that I have used since the launch of photo-i, the original file can be downloaded by clicking on the test print below.

The test print was made using Epson Premium Glossy media with the Color handling set to "Printer Manages Color" The printer took 2 minutes 10 seconds to produce a full page A4 print. Timings are taken from the click on Print button to final delivery, these times could vary depending on fast your own computer handles spooling etc.

The print displays a good range of slightly cool but vibrant colors. The overall print is darker than the original file, possibly equivalent to about ½ stop under exposure. The portrait of Sophie shows either a good suntan or generous application of a fake tan.

The B/W image is neutral but detail on the door in the far arch has become blocked up. The color swatches display good solid colors. The red Green and blue are excellent. The cyan and magenta swatches are perhaps too heavy but the yellow is excellent. The gradients are smooth from pure white through to the individual colors, there is no sign of banding.

Moving down to the cotton reels. The black reel is far too heavy, individual strand detail has been lost. The brown reel is also far too dark, although detail is still present. The remaining reels all display clean vibrant colors.

The 12 point text is very good although there is a slight shadow on the right edge on some of the characters. The white on black text holds detail very well.

Overall the R3000 is more than capable of producing excellent prints, and with some fine tuning by the end user perfect color prints should be easily obtained.