Play mode display

Switching to Play mode loads and displays the last image shot, there is a slight pause while the image is loaded from the CF card.

Play mode, first menu, we can choose to display an index of thumbnails (Multi), Delete, Select or Zoom the image, or move forwards or backwards through the images in the current folder.

Play mode, second menu, Start a slideshow, play / record sound, control a video clip, get extended exposure information and again move through the images in the current folder.
Zoomed playback, only one level of zoom (about 2 x), scroll around the zoomed image using the arrow buttons as indicated. "Multi" view (thumbnails), we can still zoom into images, delete and select and choose from either 4 or 9 displayed thumbnails.
Info, exposure information selected from the second menu (Info): Date & Time, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure Compen., Flash, White Balance, ISO, Metering, Focus mode.  

Setup menu

Switching to Setup mode we are immediately give seven options, four of which (the bottom four) are menus, two change shooting mode and the top option is for date & time set. Shooting mode: FullAuto, Program, Manual Image type: Color, Monochrome Camera Setup Menu, control over basic camera settings, Beep (Never, Always, Shutter), Volume (Low, High), Brightness (+3 to -3), Power Save (10 s, 30 s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min)
Language Selection, allows for selection of language used in menu system and also Video Out mode (PAL / NTSC). Memory Setup, Format Memory Card - requires confirmation.
Shot Setup, switch Confirmation on or off, set a new custom white balance (see below), change the High image format (HyPict JPEG or 2048 x 1536 TIFF) and change Slow Sync effect (Trailing or Leading). Date & Time setup, obvious enough really.

Custom White Balance

NEW W/B, this option allows you to measure a custom white balance from a white object in the scene. Simply aim the camera at a white subject and press the shutter release button, the camera will use this as the basis for white balance when "Custom WB" is selected in record mode.