Timing & Performance

In use the P-2000 doesn't feel sluggish, nor does it seem particularly speedy. Scrolling through large images or pages of thumbnails can seem slow at first, but as the P-2000 caches the data it gets much faster the next time you look at the same images/thumbnails. Transfer speeds are very respectable (though you'll still get a lot faster using a FireWire or USB 2.0 CF reader directly attached to your computer).

Timing Notes

All times calculated as an average of three operations.

Action Details
Time, secs
Power: On Complete boot-up process 6.4
Power: Off All activity ceased 4.3
Display 12 thumbnails First time 11
Once cached *1 2
Thumbnail to full screen image 3 megapixel JPEG 1.6
5 megapixel JPEG 1.8
7 megapixel JPEG 2.2
Once cached *1 0.9
Play: image to image 3 megapixel JPEG 1.5
5 megapixel JPEG 1.7
7 megapixel JPEG 3.2
Once cached *1 0.5
Zoom (magnify) image First step (2x), 3 megapixel 1.6
To maximum zoom, 3 megapixel 6
Zoom (magnify) image First step (2x), 7 megapixel 2.5
To maximum zoom, 7 megapixel 6
Action Details
Time, seconds
Copy from card, CompactFlash 1GB Sandisk Ultra II, 956MB, 544 files*2 469
Copy from card, SD 512MB Sandisk Ultra II, 492MB, 270 files*2 210
Copy from one album to another 956MB, 544 files 444
*1 The P-2000 uses caching to increase performance. Once the thumbnails and full-screen images have been cached they are displayed much more quickly. These measurements are for the second time a page of thumbnails or a full-screen image are displayed
*2 These measurements are when the P-2000 is used in its default mode, copying the files from the card to the 'Card data' folder. If you create an album at the time of transfer the images have to be copied twice - once to the Card data folder, then from there to the new album. This roughly doubles the transfer time.

So, at around 7 minutes and 50 seconds to download a 1GB CompactFlash card stuffed with over 540 files, the P-2000 compares favorably with a USB card reader or laptop PC card slot, but is nowhere near as fast as CardBus or a FireWire/USB 2.0 reader. To copy a smaller 256MB CompactFlash card takes around two minutes (although obviously these figures presume a fairly fast card in the first place).

Transfer rates

All measurements are the average of six tests. In each case a mixture of 3, 4, 5 and 7 megapixel JPEG and raw files, plus a couple of small AVI movies were copied to (and from) the P-2000 in 'chunks' of between 64MB and 950MB to attempt to recreate real-world usage.

Action Details
Transfer rate
Copy to PC USB 2.0 5.2 MB/s
Copy from CompactFlash 1GB Sandisk Ultra II 2.0 MB/s
Copy from SD 512MB Sandisk Ultra II 2.0 MB/s
Copy internally From one album to another 2.15 MB/s