Samsung NX2000

Samsung NX2000

20MP CMOS Sensor | 3.7-inch Touch Screen | Built-in Wi-Fi


What we like:

  • Handy iFunction button/menu
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Large high-res touch screen

What we don't:

  • Few physical buttons
  • MicroSD only
  • Mostly-plastic exterior

The Samsung NX2000 offers a 20MP APS-C-sized sensor, a 3.7-inch 1152k-dot touch screen and 8 fps burst shooting. It's sold with a 30-75mm equivalent F3.5-5.6 lens. Samsung engineers have long focused on bringing wireless connectivity to their cameras so it's no surprise that the NX200 offers Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities. In Samsung's NX-series, the NX2000 sits below the more enthusiast-focused NX300 and NX20 with built-in viewfinder.

"Best suited for a user who's happy and comfortable with a touch interface."

The NX2000's image quality is about on par for the class. In good light at low ISOs images look very good, with nice sharpness and vivid color. There's a falloff in image quality around ISO 6400, but noise level and loss of detail in JPEGs is about even with the rest of the class. Physical buttons are scarce on the camera's back and top panel, though there's a useful iFunction button on the kit lens that offers quick access to a number of settings. The user interface is extremely responsive and one of the most fluid we've seen in this class, though it's important to note that it relies heavily on the touch screen.

The NX2000 may be best suited for a user who's happy and comfortable with a touch interface. It's also the product of many years of R&D integrating Wi-Fi into an imaging device, so it's one of the best implementations of wireless connectivity in a camera. 

What we like: Handy iFunction button/menu, integrated Wi-Fi, large high-res touch screen
What we didn't: Few physical buttons, MicroSD only, mostly-plastic exterior

Studio Test Scene | Specifications Compared

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