In the past, we’ve included both mirrorless and DSLR cameras in our enthusiast interchangeable lens camera roundup. We define enthusiast cameras, by the way, as cameras that sit right above the consumer-level category and just under high-end camera-category (high-end refers to cameras with full-frame sensors that are not quite pro-level, think Nikon D750, Canon 6D, Sony a99, and the Sony a7-series).

This year, we opted to split the category in two, because there’s been so much action in this market segment over the past year that we had a hard time definitively deciding on just one or two overall top picks. Its not that we are indecisive, rather that we are incredibly impressed with the number of very, very good cameras currently in this category. In particular, we're excited to see advancements in the AF systems of virtually every camera on this list, as their dedicated AF modules combined with subject tracking abilities can be real differentiators over their mirrorless counterparts when it comes to quick - and accurate - focus.

We'll look at five DSLR models here:

What follows is our enthusiast-level DSLR roundup. The cameras included all sport APS-C sensors and pull some pro-level features from their more-established counterparts. 

This roundup will be revisited and recommendations may be updated once full reviews have been completed on the Sony SLT-A77 II and Canon EOS 7D II.