Canon PowerShot G16

12MP 1/1.7" CMOS sensor | 28-140mm equivalent F1.8-2.8 zoom | Built-in Wi-Fi

What we like:

  • Usefully long and bright lens
  • External controls
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

What we don't:

  • Quite large for its class
  • Viewfinder is simplistic
  • No articulated display

The PowerShot G16 is Canon's latest high-end zoom compact. It offers a lens that's both fast and relatively rangy in a smaller body than older G-series models. It comes with a new sensor, faster processor, tweaked movie settings, and focus-peaking to aid in manual focusing. Built-in Wi-Fi is the most significant new addition.

"Gives enthusiasts all the basic tools to shoot great photos in a rapid and reliable package"

The move to a BSI CMOS sensor doesn't offer a huge step up in terms of image quality compared to the G15, but the fast lens helps it do a great job of delivering nice-looking images in a range of different situations. Low ISO images are very good and the fast lens lets you use those settings more often. At high ISOs, it shows off the same small-sensor limitations as most of its peers.

Being the latest in a long series of G-series cameras, the camera's control system is pretty well worked-out, making it quick, easy and enjoyable to shoot with. Connecting to Wi-Fi is easy, and on-screen directions are clear and concise, allowing you to share images to social media sites (via Canon Image Gateway) or send them to another device fairly simply.

The Canon PowerShot G16 gives enthusiasts all the basic tools to shoot great photos in a fast and reliable package. It may not rule the roost from a specification point of view, but it balances features, price, capability, and size pretty well.

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