Conclusion - Pros

  • First of its kind and available now
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to do
  • Easy to use, fast turnaround
  • Capacity (6 GB is a lot of portable storage)
  • Portability (though it is bigger than you expect)
  • Neat "Pocket Dock" solution
  • PC Card transfers are very quick, peaking at around 1.5 MB/s
  • USB transfers are relatively quick
  • Supplied rechargeable battery pack & charger (charges batteries at same time as powering unit)
  • Wide format support: CF (Type I/II), SM, MS, PC-Card

Conclusion - Cons

  • Build quality & finish only average (better case material / rubberized door fittings)
  • Basic operating system
  • Doesn't seem to work with Memory Stick Adapter MSAC-PC2 *
  • Proprietary battery pack
  • Carrying case optional (special offer now lets you choose battery or carrying case)
  • Early review model did suffer from a few hangs when inserting PC Card *
  • Transfer from PC Card doesn't support long filenames (filenames are truncated to DOS style 8 character ~ names)
  • Transfer from PC Card doesn't copy file attributes (thus if you protect images on your digital camera they'll loose their read-only status when copied to the Digital Wallet)
  • Uploads are slow (0.66 MB/s)
  • A little expensive as a single item buy (though $0.08/MB is cheap)

Conclusion - Would be nice

  • Backlight for LCD
  • File list when transferring / progress bar
  • File list under root folders
  • Audible confirmation sounds
  • Total size for each folder
  • "Erase PC Card" option
  • Reset button

* assured by Minds@Work these problems were down to early model and will be fixed soon with new firmware

Overall Conclusion

I like it. Digital Photographers have been crying out for a solution like this for a long time. Sure, it could be even smaller, the operating system could be nicer, a rubber case would have been great, there's a few things on my "Would be nice" list which would improve it but then we probably wouldn't have it right now. It's so easy to use, you really don't have to think about it, pop the card in, start the download, confirm the download and you're off shooting again...

I did encounter some problems with the Digital Wallet, it didn't work with Sony's Memory Stick Adapter MSAC-PC2 (though it is said to work with the older MSAC-PC1), the unit hung a few times and I was disappointed by the lack of long filename support (hardly a problem for digital camera users but would impact on other file formats). These problems, I'm assured, will be fixed in final production models and/or readily available (downloadable) firmware patches.

As a first of it's kind the Digital Wallet does exactly what it's supposed to, it's quick at transferring data in the field and the batteries last well, everything that you'd need to go out shooting for extended periods without worrying about how many shots your taking... Just remember to bring plenty of batteries for your Digital Camera!!

I also think it would have been nice to offer a 2 GB version of the Digital Wallet at a lower price point, this would definitely be attractive to those users still struggling along with 16 MB SmartMedia cards are not intent on investing a lot of money in one particular type of storage.

So, you're already sold and you've decided you want a Digital Wallet? You can go over to MindsGear.Com and buy one, you'll get either a free case or additional battery pack with your purchase!! Click here!