All controls are located together (four buttons) on the top right corner of the unit. The top (far right in this image) button switches the unit On (takes a two second hold of the button). Note there is no power-off switch, the unit automatically powers down when not in use (remains always on when connected to AC adapter).

Below this are the up, select and down buttons used for navigating the Digital Wallet's inbuilt menu system.


This is the initial startup "splash screen" after which you're brought to the main menu... From here we can enter one of the three sub-menus, Download Content, Display Volume and Information (each detailed below). As you can see there's also a battery level readout on this screen.

Download Content Menu

The first option in the Download Content Menu allows you to check the success of your last download... The unit indicates the name of the last folder downloaded and if it was successful. (I personally would like to have seen a total file count or total size downloaded on here too).

The second menu option "Start Download" is the heart of the whole concept, it begins a download from the PC Card, if none is inserted it'll request "Please Insert PC Card", the Minds@Work logo flashes during download. (Again I'd like to have seen some kind of progress display, either KB downloaded, a percentage readout or filenames / number of files downloaded).  

Display Volume

The Display Volume option (from the Main Menu) displays a list of folders and dates currently on the Wallet. There's no way to find out more information about each folder (which is a shame), it may have been nice to list files / total size of directory from this screen. Pressing select whilst a directory is highlighted displays this menu, from here you can Upload the selected directory back to the PC Card or delete the current directory (confirmation is required).

Information Menu

The Information menu allows you to display Error codes, software version, current battery level and free disk space. "Version" selected from Information Menu.

"Battery Level" selected from Information Menu. "Free Disk Space" selected from Information Menu.