Timing & Performance

Like all the Casio Exilim cameras we've tested recently the EX-Z1000 feels fast and responsive in use, and our measurements show it to be well up with the best in its class when it comes to the important stuff like focus speed, shutter lag, file writing and and so on.

Timing Notes

All times calculated as an average of three operations. Unless otherwise stated all timings were made on a 3648 x 2736 Fine JPEG image (approx. 4,100 KB per image). The media used for these tests was a 1.0 GB Sandisk Extreme III card.

Action Details
Time, secs
Power: Off to Record   1.4
Power: Off to Play Image displayed 1.1
Power: Record to Off All activity ceased 1.4
Power: Play to Off When buffer is empty, lens retracted ~0.1
Power: Play to Off When buffer is empty, lens extended ~1.3
Record Review Image displayed ~0.7
Mode: Play to Record Lens extended / retracted 0.4 / 1.6
Play: Magnify To full magnification (8x) 2.1
Play: Image to Image Time to display each saved image <0.1 *1
Play: Thumbnail view 4 x 3 thumbnails ~0.1
Zoom from Wide to Tele 35 to 114 mm (3 x) 0.8
Half-press Lag (Focus time) Wide angle, multi-area focus ~0.3
Half-press Lag (Focus time) Wide angle, spot focus ~0.2
Half-press Lag (Focus time) Telephoto, multi-area focus ~0.5
Half-press Lag (Focus time) Telephoto, spot focus ~0.4
Pre-focus Lag (S1>S2)   ~0.04
Full-press Lag (0->S2) Wide angle, multi-area AF ~0.4
Full-press Lag (0->S2) Wide angle, spot AF ~0.3
Off to Shot Taken   ~1.9
Shot to Shot Flash off ~ 2.0
Shot to Shot Flash on ~ 3.6
*1 Time to load screen res image. If you want to edit or magnify the image it takes around 1.0 seconds to load the full image. You can also scroll through low res images very quickly by holding down the left or right key.

Continuous drive mode

The Z1000 offers pretty much the same continuous shooting options as the other models in the Exilim Z range. There is a 3.2 frames per second 'high speed' option (though the limit of 3 shots per burst is a bit restrictive) - the standard no-limit continuous mode offers approximately 0.5 frames per second. The Z1000 also has the 'Flash Continuous' mode seen on the EX-Z850, allowing a 3-shot burst to be taken with flash (albeit at a reduced power, so it's better for subjects not too far away).

The other mode in the drive menu, 'Zoom Continuous', saves two shots when you press the shutter, one 'normal' (full res) and one zoomed in (reduced resolution). I fail to see the point of this, though I'm sure someone will find one.

File writing / playback performance

The Z1000 takes around 1.4 seconds to save a 4.1MB 10MP/Fine JPEG; pretty good going for a camera of this type - the Z1000 will certainly benefit from using faster cards. Playback is also very speedy, with full size images taking only a quarter of a second or so to display (though you have to wait a second or so for the full image to load if you want to magnify or edit). If you want to whiz through hundreds of saved shots you can hold down the left or right arrow key and the Z1000 will scroll through low res previews of the images on your card at about 10 per second.

Battery life

Battery life is surprisingly good for an ultra-slim camera at around 360 shots (CIPA standard) per charge. The battery is charged in-camera using the supplied dock.