Compact Flash Compartment

The QV-4000 has a fairly unique compact flash compartment (at least among compact consumer cameras). It's located in the rear of the hand grip and is opened by pushing a small lever on the side of the hand grip downwards. The door springs out and open (fully to the position in the second picture, below) allowing you to easily retrieve the CF card (with a press of the eject button) without fiddling.

The QV-4000 accepts both Type I and Type II Compact Flash cards and fully supports the IBM Microdrive, however the camera manual does note that the Microdrive: may get hot, may be slower than ordinary flash cards, will use more power than ordinary flash cards.


Another example of Casio's logical and simple design. All the camera's connections are on the left side of the camera, the majority of which are concealed under a rubber door. From top to bottom: digital (remote), video out, USB, power-in. Just to the rear of the camera you can see a standard external flash PC-sync connector, this makes the QV-4000 pretty unique among its peers and provides the owner the opportunity to use the camera with both portable flash and studio flash systems. Kudos.


Nothing new here, the same 3x optical zoom F2.0 - F2.5 Canon Lens we saw on the QV-3000, QV-3500 and a multitude of other digital cameras from other manufacturers. It's of course also the same lens used on Canon's own PowerShot G1 and G2. The actual focal length range of 7 - 21 mm works out as a 35 mm equivalent focal length range of 34 - 102 mm.

Base / Tripod Mount

The base of the camera is a simple enough affair, battery compartment and tripod mount. In this shot you can more easily see the depth of the camera (front to back) and the girth of the hand grip. Note, metal tripod mount but sadly positioned at the back corner of the camera too close to the body edge. This positioning will cause the camera to tip backwards very slightly when mounted on a cork or rubber based tripod mount.

Internal flash

The QV-4000's conventional compact camera flash, it's rated with an approximate range of 0.5 to 3.5 m (1.6 to 11.5 ft). The small window to the bottom right in this image is the flash exposure sensor, this is used to measure the flash output. In normal mode the camera outputs just one flash, with redeye reduction enabled there are two flashes approximately three quarters of a second apart.

Auto Focus assist lamp

Just below the Casio badge on the front of the camera is the AF assist lamp, this outputs a strong orange beam to assist the auto focus system in low light. It works by illuminating the subject with the light, this helps the contrast detect AF system 'see' the subject. The manual notes that the AF assist lamp works best when the subject is less than 2.5 m (8.2 ft) away. This lamp also doubles as the self-timer indicator.

Supplied in the box

Supplied in the box are:

  • Casio QV-4000 digital camera
  • Lens cap / string
  • Neck strap
  • 16 MB Compact Flash card
  • 4 x AA NiMH batteries (1600 mAh)
  • Battery charger BC-2H
  • Video out cable
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD-ROM (xx)
  • Users Guide, Software Manual, Battery charger Manual

Canon Lens Accessories (compatible with QV-4000)

  • Lens adapter LU-35A (provides a 58 mm thread)
  • Wide angle converter WC-DC58, x0.8 (requires LU-35A)
  • Telephoto converter TC-DC58, x1.5 (requires LU-35A)
  • Close-up lens 250D (requires LU-35A)