Enhancement picture settings

The QV-4000 has a rather unique 'Enhancement' option in its record menu. This appears to be a selective colour saturation boost, it allows you to boost the saturation of a particular colour (red, green, blue or skin tones). The sample sheet below was created by shooting our standard colour patches at each of the Enhancement settings. As you can see the differences are subtle but visible and for every day scenes would make a noticeable difference in 'pulling up' certain colours. For example Enhancement green for scenic landscape shots with a lot of grass.

Effect picture settings

Like other digital cameras the QV-4000 features a range of post-processing digital filters. However, unlike most the QV-4000 provides a large range of simulated gel filters; red, green, blue, yellow, pink and purple. The effect of having these filters enabled can be seen in the thumbnails below.

Black & White Sepia Red
Green Blue Yellow
Pink Purple