Not a lot of people know this but the QV-4000 was only the second four megapixel digital camera to be announced (the first was Toshiba's PDR-M81). Add to that the the QV-3000 was the first three megapixel digital camera and it's clear that Casio don't drag their heals in keeping up. Casio are on the 'electronics manufacturers' side of the current manufacturer split in the digital camera market, as such they have to prove themselves with their products rather than simply being able to use their name and past reputation.

The QV-4000 was announced back on 22nd June and is available in two different body colours depending on the sales region (black seems to be the colour for the US). From a photographic point of view it boasts a Canon Lens (yes, the same lens used in so many other 3 mp digital cameras) and the Sony 4 megapixel CCD. Feature wise it's fully loaded, with a large range of manual control as well as various focus modes, built in panorama assist, and a superb 'best shot' scene shooting mode which by default has 5 settings but there are no less than 100 scene settings which can be copied onto your CompactFlash card (from the supplied CD-ROM).