Record mode display

Note: Apologies for the poor quality of screen captures on this page, the lack of a video out capability on the EX-Z3 meant we had to capture these images by taking shots of the LCD monitor.

Here is a typical 'live view' screen in normal auto exposure mode. As you can see the live view is overlaid with various items of information. Detailed below:

Flash Cancel, Manual White Balance, Normal mode, 64 frames remaining, Image size, Image Quality, SD/MMC card in use, Date/Time, Battery life.

Press the DISP button to switch to this live histogram view. It's a better implementation than we saw on the Pentax Optio S as the histogram here is displayed offset from the center of the screen, there's more image left to see.

Half-press the shutter release button and the camera will attempt to auto focus and lock exposure. If auto focus was successful the locked AF area will be shown in green. Note that the calculated exposure is now shown on the right side of the screen.

After taking the shot a review is displayed briefly, there are no options during this review.
Here is an example of manual focus mode, press the left and right arrows to focus, as you do the center portion of the image (as indicated by the orange box) is magnified to assist in checking the focus accuracy.
Here you can the selection of 'Best Shot' mode. The EX-Z3 has no less than 21 preprogrammed Best Shot scene modes, each one carries a particular camera setup.

Play mode display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. This is the normal display mode. Press DISP to show a histogram of the image as well as exposure information. Press DISP once more to switch to a clean image view with nothing overlaid.

Press down on the 4-way controller to enter delete mode, here you can browse images and delete them selectively, or delete all images.

Press the zoom controller to tele to magnify the image, you can zoom in up to 4x. Use the 4-way controller to scroll around.

Press the zoom controller to wide to switch to this 3x3 image thumbnail view, use the 4-way controller to browse. You can not use the delete or protect buttons in this mode.

Press the zoom controller to wide once more to switch to the calendar view. Here the first image taken on each day is shown as a thumbnail in the calendar.