In this section of the review we would normally be discussing the various connectors dotted around the camera. However the EX-Z3 has no standard type connectors on the camera itself, all are provided by the cradle. The only connector on the camera itself is the cradle terminal beside the tripod mount on the base of the camera.


The capability of this lens to compact itself down to a very thin profile was covered in the introduction to this review. Once extended the lens provides a focal length range of 35 to 105 mm with a maximum aperture of F2.6 at wide angle and F4.8 at telephoto. The lens extends and retracts remarkably quickly, taking no more than a second for either action.

Base / Tripod Mount

As noted above on the base of the camera you will see the cradle terminal, metal tripod mount and battery / storage compartment door. There is little else worth mentioning other than that the tripod mount is almost in line with the center of the lens but isn't centrally positioned (front to back) which may cause the camera to tip forward on certain tripod heads.


To the upper left side of the lens is the tiny flash unit, it has a quoted range of 0.4 - 2.3 m (1.3 - 7.5 ft) at wide angle and 0.4 - 1.5 m (1.3 - 4.9 ft) at telephoto.

Box Contents

Supplied in the (slim) box are:

 • Casio EX-Z3
 • Battery Pack NP-20 (680 mAh)
 • USB Cradle CA-21
 • AC adapter (for Cradle)
 • USB Cable
 • Wrist strap
 • CD-ROM (Driver, Software, Manual)
 • Basic Reference Guide