Record mode display

Live view information

The P700 has four levels of information overlay, from a normal overlay with general camera settings to the unique (and daunting) EX Finder which provides a graphical representation of almost every setting (white balance, focal length, sensitivity, color, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and a histogram; click here for a diagram). Press the DISP button to cycle through each type of overlay mode.

Exposure sequence & Preview

Typical live view before half-pressing the shutter release. Note that in this case we are using Multi AF area mode (wide). During a 'half-press' of the shutter release, the camera displays the selected AF area in green assuming a good AF lock, it also now displays the exposure (ISO, aperture, shutter speed).
After taking the shot a brief review is displayed. It is not possible to cancel saving at this point, you must switch to preview after the image has been written. Press the PREVIEW button to display the last image shot, you can at this stage delete.

Other record display examples

An example of the on-screen guidance available in aperture priority mode, just press SET to display. An example of on-screen guidance for shutter priority mode, very helpful for novices.
Switching into BestShot mode the camera displays a brief thumbnail of the current selected mode, press SET to select a different mode. (Click here for a contact sheet of all built-in BS modes; 275 KB). An example of the helpful pop-up 'Icon Help' boxes which appear briefly when you make an icon setting change (focus mode, flash, self-timer). This can be disabled if you prefer.
The EX Menu which appears overlaid on the live view gives you instant access to modify white balance, sensitivity, metering and AF area. In a similar manner the drive menu which provides access to both continuous shooting and bracketing settings.
In manual focus mode the center portion of the frame is magnified during adjustment, after a second or so this reverts back to the normal full size view.