Rear of camera controls (contd.)

Buttons (Record mode)

Focus mode

 • Auto Focus
 • Macro Focus
 • Infinity Lock
 • Manual Focus (left / right to adjust)
Flash mode

 • Auto
 • Flash Off
 • Flash Off
 • Flash On + Red-eye reduction
BKT Drive / Bracketing mode (click here for animation)

 • Single Shot
 • High Speed Continuous
 • Normal Speed Continuous
 • Multi Continuous
 • AE Bracketing
 • WB Bracketing
 • Focus Bracketing
 • Portrait Bracketing
AE-L AE Lock

In record mode this button is used to lock Automatic Exposure, when locked the exposure is displayed on the screen along with the 'AE-L' icon. Press again to unlock.
EX EX Menu (click here for animation)

An on-screen shortcut menu for adjustment of:
 • White Balance
 • ISO Sensitivity
 • Metering mode
 • AF Area mode

Enters or leaves the current mode menu.

Four way controller

Used to navigate menus, browse images, select options, move the AF area in free AF area mode. The function of the left / right keys can be customized in the camera menu.



In A, S or M modes pressing SET displays an on-screen representation of the adjustment of aperture or shutter speed. In BS mode pressing the SET button displays the Best Shot scene selection menu.

DISP Display

Pressing this button cycles through the screen display modes:
 • Live view with basic overlaid information
 • Live view with EX Finder view
 • Live view with basic overlaid information and histogram
 • Live view with only AF area indicator
Self-timer / Remote mode

 • Self-Timer Off
 • 10 second Self-Timer
 • 2 second Self-Timer
 • Remote Control
 • Remote Control + 2 second Self-Timer

Image Preview

Instantly previews the last image taken, this only works after you've taken a shot, it won't load an image from the SD card. If the last shot was a sequence of continuous images pressing PREVIEW shows a thumbnail index of the entire sequence. In preview mode you can delete the last image taken but you can't browse or magnify.

Buttons (Play mode)


Press this button to enter 'Delete mode', this displays a three option menu: All Files Delete, Delete and Cancel. You can browse in this mode and select the Delete option to remove the currently displayed image.
Calendar view

Switches to Casio's unique Calendar view, this shows a calendar of the current month along with a small thumbnail of the first image taken on each day. You can move around and jump back to single image view at a particular date. Very useful if you're on a long trip.

Enters or leaves the current mode menu.

Four way controller

Press left or right to browse through images.

DISP Display

Pressing this button cycles through the screen display modes:
 • Review with basic overlaid information
 • Review with exposure information and histogram
 • Review with no overlay

Check Focus

Displays a magnified portion of the image at the area of the image used for focus (the AF area), this allows you to quickly check the focus accuracy of an image. It would have been nice if this feature was available in Record Preview mode or even better as an instant record review option.