Display & menus continued

Play mode default display, a line of basic information showing filename, date & time stamp and quality setting. You can also view your images free of any information overlay One of the three alternative play mode views includes a histogram display and exposure information. There is also an overexposure warning (in the form of blinking gray areas on the thumbnail).
The S80 provides play magnification up to to 10x (as shown here). You can move around the image using the four-way controller. Press the zoom controller towards the wide angle to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail index. Note that you can also enable JUMP mode which allows you to step through a full page of nine images at a time.
Turning the multi-function 'wheel' in playback mode lets you scroll very quickly through thumbnails ordered by date. It's neat - and fast. The S80 has lots of neat new interface effects, including a new slide show function, which features very professional-looking TV-style transition effects and is unusually customizable. Nice if you like to hook your camera up to the television.
You can add up to 60 seconds of 'voice memo' to each saved file. Pressing the Menu button in play mode brings up a page of the usual file delete/protect/slide show options, plus DPOF print ordering.
The set up menu is pretty standard Canon, offering you control over various camera-related settings - power, audio and card formatting. Finally, as is now standard on Canon's consumer models, the 'My Camera' screen allows you to customize the camera with your own start-up screen and sound.