Operation and controls

Although the S60 looks like a fairly typical point-and-shoot compact camera its range of controls and features go beyond this. Indeed with its range of manual controls the S60 is actually only a few features shy of those available on the PowerShot G5 and Pro1.

Rear of camera

On the left side of the S60 is a column of three multi-purpose buttons. The top marked 'FUNC' displays Canon's trademark FUNC overlay menu which provides quick access to many camera settings such as white balance, exposure compensation etc. Along the top are buttons for flash mode and macro focus mode. On the right side is a new dedicated zoom lever and separate four-way controller and SET button, a considerably improvement over the awkward to use five-way multi-function controller. The play button can be used to power the camera on.

Top of camera

The dial on the top of the camera allows you to select the shooting / exposure mode. As you would expect there’s a fully automatic point-and-shoot mode as well as a set of scene modes. The full complement of manual exposure modes are also provided; Program AE, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual as well as the ‘Custom’ position which can be used to recall a saved exposure mode / group of settings from any one of the manual exposure modes.

Display and menus

This is a typical record mode live view with camera setting information displayed around the outer edge of the display. Half-press the shutter release and the camera will calculate exposure (AE) and focus (AF) indicating the AF area used.
Play mode default display, a line of basic information. One of the three alternative play mode views includes a histogram display and exposure information.
The S60 provides play magnification up to to 10x (as shown here). You can move around the image using the 4-way controller. Press the zoom controller towards the wide angle to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail index, note that you can also enable JUMP mode which allows you to step through a full page of 9 images at a time.

Record mode menu, as you can see the S60 is very customizable, everything from flash sync type to wireless release delay and RAW+JPEG output settings. The Set up menu provides control over general camera settings such as audio, LCD, power saving and date/time.
The play menu is straightforward enough, options to set protection, rotate images, display slideshows, and set print and image transfer order. The My Camera menu allows you to customize the camera startup image and various sounds.