The S60 continues the familiar long oblong design of its predecessors, however anyone who has owned or used the S40/S45/S50 will appreciate that Canon has made some important changes with the S60. Although the same size from the front the S60 is 5 mm thinner and has a flat, clean front profile. At the back the control layout has been improved and at long last Canon has done away with the annoying multi-function controller and provided a 'normal' (and infinitely more usable) 4-way controller and separate SET button. The sliding cover has also been improved, it opens more easily and slides more smoothly. The combination of improvements is very welcome.

In your hand

In your hand the S60 is surprisingly comfortable, there is a subtle thumb grip molded into the rear of the body and the strap eyelet doubles as a finger hook, these combine to provide a surprisingly secure hold on the camera. Control layout is logical and I’m positive nobody is sad to see the back of the awful multi-way controller Canon used on the S60’s predecessors, replaced now with a sensible four way controller and separate SET button. There are no less than twelve buttons / controls on the back of the S60 and yet they each provide access to useful and regular camera functions.

Body elements

Canon has gone all wide angle with the S60, they've maintained telephoto at 100 mm (approximately the same as the S50) but at wide angle the new lens now provides an equivalent field of view as a 28 mm lens. Hence this lens provides 28 - 100 mm equiv. (3.6x zoom) with a maximum aperture of F2.8 at wide angle and F5.3 at telephoto (a little slow but not surprising consider the size of the lens elements). Estate agents and landscape photographers rejoice!
The S60's has a combined battery and CompactFlash compartment located in the base of the camera. The battery used is Canon's NB-2LH Lithium-Ion rechargeable which provides 720 mAh at 7.4 V (5.3 Wh). The CompactFlash slot supports both Type I and the thicker Type II cards and the S60 supports cards greater than 2 GB (which require the FAT32 file system format).
As noted above the sliding cover is noticeably improved on the S60, it clicks nicely into place at the extremes and slides smoothly between them. The camera powers on once the cover reaches its furthest open extreme. You can also power the camera into play mode with the cover closed by holding the play button on the rear of the camera.
The LCD monitor is a fairly typical 1.8" 118,000 pixel unit, it's sharp and bright with sufficient resolution. However it has no anti-reflective coating which means that in bright sunlight the screen can be less easy to use.
The viewfinder is the standard compact camera 'optical tunnel' type with no dioptre adjustment or parallax correction lines. The LED lamps to the left of the viewfinder eyepiece indicate camera status including auto focus lock, camera shake warning and flash status.

Canon accessories

  • Soft Case SC-PS900
  • Soft Leather Case DCC-2
  • Waterproof Case (40m) WP-DC40
  • Waterproof Case Weight WW-DC1
  • Tele-converter 2.0x TC-DC10
  • Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC10
  • Wireless Controller WL-DC100
  • Compact Battery Charger CB-2LTE
  • AC Adapter Kit ACK-700
  • Car Battery Charger CBC-NB2