Just before PMA 2003 Canon announced the five megapixel PowerShot S50. This camera is virtually identical to the four megapixel S45. Indeed other than the five megapixel sensor, case cover, silk screen labels and embossed chrome '5.0 mega pixels' strap eyelet it really is the same camera. Thanks to Sony's 1/1.8" five megapixel CCD sensor the S50 becomes 'yet another' digital camera originally designed for the 1/1.8" four megapixel sensor and quickly upgraded to continue to compete in the (ever more ridiculous) megapixel race.

Because this camera is virtually identical to the S45 the first half of this review is based on that camera's review, people who have previously read the S45 may want to skip to the timing and performance page, from there onwards will be the meat of what the upgrade from four to five megapixels has meant for this camera.

Black is best?

In my opinion the S50 looks best in Black. This is the standard body color in the US, the rest of the world get Silver. However Canon Europe has recently announced that they will be making the black version available in a 'Microdrive bundle'.

Canon PowerShot S50