Compared to the Minolta DiMAGE F100

This comparison is taken directly from our Minolta DiMAGE F100 review.

The Minolta DiMAGE F100 and Canon PowerShot S45 are both aimed at the same compact four megapixel market segment, they both feature a three times optical zoom lens and four megapixel sensor. Both cameras are approximately the same dimensions and although US pricing isn't currently available for the S45 we expect the F100 to be around $100 cheaper than the S45.

Taking into consideration the observation we have already made about the S45's ISO rating this comparison is made with the F100 set to ISO 100 and the S45 set to ISO 50. Note that despite the difference in indicated sensitivity the two cameras actual meter and expose the scene identically, both F5.6, 1/3 sec. For those who are interest you can download the same scene taken with the S45 at an indicated ISO 100 (F5.6, 1/5 sec) by clicking here (1,736 KB).

Studio scene comparison

Canon PowerShot S45 Minolta DiMAGE F100
ISO 50, F5.6, 1/3 sec ISO 100, F5.6, 1/3 sec
1,593 KB JPEG 1,251 KB JPEG

Both produce a very similar tonal balance, the S45's color being slightly more accurate and more faithful to the original scene (especially blues). The S45 shows its resolution and sharpness advantage over the F100 and also has lower noise levels. Also noteworthy is the way the F100 clips highlights which the S45 manages to either maintain or reproduce in a more graceful manner.