Manual record menu (P, Tv, Av, M modes)

Pressing the MENU button while in one of the manual record modes displays the record menu over the live preview.

Here we're covering all options in the manual record menu because all other record menus are simply subsets of this (for example you can't select ISO or RAW mode in AUTO record, otherwise the menus are the same).

Select one of four image resolutions:

Large (2272 x 1704)
Medium1 (1600 x 1200)
Medium2 (1024 x 768)
Small (640 x 480)

Chooses one of three JPEG compression ratios:

Super-fine (5 bpp, 4:1)
Fine (3 bpp, 8:1)
Normal (2 bpp, 12:1)

The S40 displays approx. remaining frames in the bottom corner of the menu.

Selects either JPEG or RAW file format. In RAW format the image is stored as raw data directly from the CCD without any in-camera processing (no sharpening, level correction, colour correction or white balance applied). The files are named .CRW and compressed using a lossless compression (similar to Zip). A RAW file is approximately 3 MB.

You need to use the supplied TWAIN driver or RAW file converter to read RAW files.

Select one of five drive modes:

Single shot
Continuous Normal (1.5 fps, max 9 images)
Continuous High (2.5 fps, max 5 images)
Self-Timer 10 seconds
Self-Timer 2 seconds

Select one of five ISO settings:

Auto (50 - 100)

Choose digital zoom setting:


Digital zoom on the S40 operates as a 'past telephoto' feature and has up to four additional 'zoom positions'.

Select spot metering option:

Center (of frame)
AF point

Allows you to choose between spot metering the center of the frame or using the selected AF point (left, center or right) to also use for metering.

Display a review image for 2 or 10 seconds or not at all. With Review disabled the S40 feels much more responsive as the live view returns immediately. This is really a matter of personal choice and the scene circumstances.


Controls whether the running number used to name files (either IMG_xxxx or CRW_xxxx) is reset every time the CF card is changed or if a running number is continued until it reaches 9999 and then returned to 0000.


Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation

These three settings allow you to adjust the cameras internal image processing algorithms by one level positive or negative. This allows for more or less image contrast, more or less sharpening and more or less colour saturation. I wish there was some on screen indication that you had these values set from anything but their defaults. It was far too easy to change these settings for one or two shots and forget you had them set for the rest of the session.