On the right side of the camera behind a rubber door are the S40's only connections: an A/V out connector (supplied cable ends in one audio RCA and one video RCA jack) and a mini-USB connector to be used with the supplied cable.

Note that the S40 (and S30) can now be directly connected to Canon's S820D Bubble Jet printer for direct-from-the-camera prints (as well as the CP-10 as with previous cameras).


The S40 utilizes a new compact extending lens which looks very similar to that found on the IXUS 300, the biggest differences are the omission of a built-in lens cover (not required), the focal lengths and a very slightly smaller aperture (F2.7 vs. F2.8). The lens takes approximately 1.4 seconds to extend or retract. When the lens is extended the sliding cover is blocked from closing completely, a small push of the cover and the camera powers off, lens retracts and the cover can be closed all the way.

Base / Tripod Mount

On the base of the camera is a metal tripod mount, Kudos to Canon for aligning it perfectly with the center of the lens and (almost) in the middle of the camera base (front to back).

This means that the camera will sit correctly on a tripod (it won't tip forward or backward) and that panoramas will stitch more easily (as the camera will rotate around its lens axis).

Internal Flash / Focus Assist Lamp

The 'super slim' flash built into the S40 is rated with a range of 0.35 to 4.8 m at Wide and 0.35 - 3.0 m at Tele (all at Auto ISO). Beside the flash is the Focus Assist Lamp which serves a double purpose, firstly it fires a beam of patterned white light in low light situations which helps the auto focus system to get a lock. Secondly when the flash an anti-red-eye are enabled it remains lit for as long as you half-press the shutter release to reduce the size of the subjects pupils and thus reduce the chance of redeye.

Supplied In the Box

The contents of the retail box are: (may vary by region)

  • Canon PowerShot S40 Digital Camera
  • NB-2L Lithium-Ion battery
  • CB-2LT(E) battery charger (110-240V)
  • 16 MB CompactFlash card
  • Wrist strap
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Canon Solutions CD-ROM
    • USB / TWAIN driver
    • Remote Capture
    • Photo Stitch
    • Zoom Browser EX / Image Browser
    • PhotoRecord
    • RAW Image converter
    • USB mounter (Mac)
    • CP-10 printer driver
    • ArcSoft Photo Impression & Video Impression
  • User Manual *

* Once again another clear, concise and fully comprehensive manual.

Canon Accessories

SC-PS800 Soft case WP-DC300 Waterproof case
(30 m / 100 ft)
NB-2L Lithium-Ion battery
CB-2LT(E) battery charger ACK-700 AC Adapter kit