Record mode menus

Once again, Canon's new menu systems are clean and easy to follow. The Manual Record menu is split into two sections, camera operation and camera setup. The options for camera operation can be seen in the animation on the left, details of each option are described below.

Camera Menu Option

Large (2048 x 1536)
Medium (1024 x 768)
Small (640 x 480)

Compression Super
Gain 0 (ISO100)
1 (ISO200)
2 (ISO400)
Digital Zoom On / Off
Review On / Off
File No. Reset On / Off
Contrast -1 / 0 / +1
Sharpness -1 / 0 / +1

This is the common setup menu which can be found in all the operational modes of the camera (auto record, manual record and playback)

Setup Menu Option
Beep On / Off
LCD Brightness


Date/Time [setup]
Format OK / Cancel
Language [setup]

Play mode menus

In Play mode you have the menu structure indicated left.

Menu system detailed below.

Play Menu Option
Single Erase [cursor through images and press SET to delete an image]
Erase All Cancel / OK
Protect [cursor through images and press SET to protect an image]
Rotate Rotate images for display on the LCD, note this doesn't actually rotate the JPEG image.
Slide show Start a slideshow
Print order Tag images for printing and set print order (DPOF)