Tripod Mount

On the base of the camera is a metal tripod mount, unfortunately it's not located along the center of the lens which may make stitching panoramas a little more tricky. Otherwise it's location is logical enough and fare enough away from the battery compartment to allow you to change batteries with the camera still on the tripod.

Pop-up Flash

The pop-up flash unit on the Pro90 is rated with a range of (at wide): 70 cm - 4.2 m
(at tele): 1 m - 3.4 m. You can not physically release the flash it can only be released by an electromechanical latch which will automatically pop-up the flash when it's required / selected.

We found the flash operation to be relatively good, though it's close location to the lens may accentuate redeye and cause problems with add-on lenses.

As with the G1 you can use the flash in continuous shooting mode, however, unlike the G1 the Pro90's flash does not recharge as fast and thus the fastest you can take shots in continuous mode with the flash enabled is one frame every two to three seconds.

Hot-shoe / External Flash

As with the G1 the Pro90 features a full E-TTL hot-shoe built onto the top of the camera. This allows for complete compatibility with a range of Canon Speedlite: 220EX, 380EX, 420EX and 550EX and also non-TTL use of other flash / studio systems.

Semi-Hard Case

An optional extra is Canon's excellent SHC-PS300 semi-hard case, this case has a separate hard base which screws into the tripod mount of the Pro90 and allows the protective case to hang below when taking a shot. Well made and well designed.

Lens Accessories

Optional accessories include the LH-DC58 Lens Hood (shown left) and WC-DC58 (x0.8) wide angle converter (shown right) which converts the effective focal length to 30 mm - 296 mm.

Remote Control

Supplied with the camera is the same Infrared remote control first seen on the G1, with a 5 m range (from the front) it can be used to remotely fire the shutter release, control the zoom and other menu options or as a control for playback (say of a slideshow on a TV screen) with thumbnail, zoom and DISPLAY buttons also available.

Canon appear to now consider this as standard equipment which is only good news for owners.

Supplied In the Box

The contents of the retail box are: (may vary by region)

  • Canon PowerShot Pro90 Digital Camera
  • BP-511 Lithium-Ion battery
  • CA-560 AC adapter/charger (110-240V)
  • 16 MB CompactFlash card
  • WL-D100 IR Remote Control
  • Lens cap
  • Shoulder strap
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Canon Solutions CD-ROM (Mac and Windows)
    • USB / TWAIN driver
    • Remote Capture
    • Photo Stitch
    • PhotoRecord (PC Windows only)
    • ImageBrowser (Mac only)
    • Zoom Browser
    • Photoshop 5.0 LE
  • User Manual

Once again, Kudos to Canon for producing an EXCELLENT user manual, lots of clear images, diagrams and examples covering everything from your first shot to the most detailed manual exposures... Very good.

Canon Accessories

FC-8M, 16M, 32M, 64M, 128M
/ IBM Microdrive  
Additional Batteries:

Wide-Angle Lens:
WC-DC58 (0.8x)
Close-up Lens:
Lens Hood:
Flash Units:
220EX, 380EX, 420EX, 550EX
(420EX shown)
Availability of accessories may vary by region.