Conclusion - Pros

  • Flip-out, tilt and swivel LCD is very useful in all sorts of circumstances
  • Image quality is superb (possible the FINE JPEG compression could have been a little less)
  • Wide angle zoom shows no barrel distortion effect
  • Image ratio of 3:2 (same as 35mm film)
  • Ability to take TWO CF Cards (one slot being CF+ type II)
  • Supplied NiMH battery and charger / power supply
  • Form factor and ergonomics are excellent, the camera feels 'comfortable' to use
  • Very fast software / menu / startup and cycle times
  • Excellent build quality / lenses
  • Good manual control features (aperture priority mode)
  • High shutter speeds at lower resolutions (ISO 400)

Conclusion - Cons

  • Possibly over-aggressive JPEG compression
  • Lack of built-in flash (add another US$80 - US$120 for a 220EX or 380EX flash)
  • Only one flash mode
  • Only one exposure metering mode (no SPOT metering)
  • No manual exposure (no AE lock)
  • No manual focus
  • Zoom can feel a little slow
  • Cannot zoom into images in playback mode (important to check focus / shake blur)
  • Difficult to see the 'focus locked' light if using LCD from above
  • TWAIN driver is a little slow in operation
  • Colour shift problem between JPEG and CCD RAW mode (may be fixed by new TWAIN driver)

The Final Word

This is definitely a camera which demands serious consideration, image quality is above what is currently available and with some unique features the Canon PowerShot Pro 70 comes highly recommended. However, photographers looking for more manual control should leave their options open...

At the end of the day it comes down to the quality of the pictures a camera takes, and this camera takes VERY good pictures.

Highly Recommended

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