TWAIN driver

The TWAIN driver which comes with the Pro70 is similar to that found on other PowerShot models, it seemed to work flawlessly (if somewhat slowly). If you have a CF reader you'll probably just be dragging the images off the CF card, however if you want to use the CCD RAW mode you have to use the TWAIN driver to 'decode' images.

TWAIN import in thumbnail view

TWAIN import in 'detail' view, here you can see 'CRW' files, which are the
uncompressed CCD RAW images.

Right clicking on an image gives you the properties box, in which you can examine
some of the CIFF information coded into the image file.

One problem here of course is once you've imported your image into your favorite photo package you've lost the CIFF information.

Other Applications

Also supplied on the software CD are:

PowerShot PhotoStitch 2.2

PhotoStich is a fairly good image stitching program for producing panoramas or larger images from arrays of photographs (see example below produced from 5 images).

Click for larger image (386Kb)

PowerShot SlideShow Maker

PowerShot TimeTunnel (image cataloging based on time/date information)

PowerShot ZoomBrowser (another image cataloging application)

Ulead's PhotoImpact 4

The TWAIN driver