Battery & Charger

What a refreshing change, and something we should have seen from Digital Camera manufacturers a long time ago. Ni-MH battery packs. The camera is supplied with one battery rated at 1400mAh per battery, these batteries seem to keep going and going and are good for at least 200 shots (with LCD).

(UPDATED: confrimed only one battery supplied)

Canon NB-4H 1400mAh Ni-MH battery pack
Battery pouch

The battery also comes with a soft rubbery pouch to keep it clean and safe from accidental dents, scratches, and more importantly shorting of the power contacts.

The supplied CA-PS200 is a universal 100/240V charger can fast charge the above batteries within about an hour after that it's trickle charging the battery. There's also a refresh button which will discharge the battery before charging it. An adapter which plugs into the side of the charger turns it into the an AC adapter for the camera, the other end of the adapter fits into the battery compartment in the camera. (You can only either supply the camera with power or charge a battery, not both at the same time)

Canon CA-PS200 charger

Compact Flash

Canon 15Mb CF card

At least Canon have seen fit to supply their camera with a fairly sensible sized CF card capable of storing:

High Res: 40 images in FINE mode, 80 images in NORMAL, 7 images in CCD RAW (1.9Mb per image).

Low res: 100 images in FINE mode, 190 images in NORMAL.

Cables and Connectors

The camera comes supplied with serial cable connectors for both PC and MAC, a video output connector for your TV / VCR and a nifty power supply cable which connects to the camera via a 'dummy battery' which goes inside the battery compartment.

Lens cap (AKA Flying Saucer)

The camera comes with this oddly shaped lens cap (to go with the oddly shaped barrel) covers the whole front of the barrel, including the optical viewfinder and low-light focus assist lamp. The only criticism would be that an elasticated retaining string would have been useful.

Completely covering lens cap