Top of camera controls

Top of the camera are a variety of controls, at the top right is the shutter release button and main dial which can be turned and pressed ('clicked') to change / confirm settings. Canon appear to have fixed the response problem I noted on the G5, you can now turn the dial as fast as you like and the camera will 'keep up'.

There are a total of four settings buttons; on the left are flash and macro, on the right drive and metering. Note also the backlight button which when pressed illuminates the display panel with an orange light.

Hanging over the rear of the camera is the spring loaded power / mode dial (same as the G3/G5), flick to the left for record mode or to the right for play mode, press the 'Off' button to power the camera off. The Pro1 is a shooting priority camera, this means that in play mode you can simply half-press the shutter release to return to record mode.

Power Switch

Record (shooting) mode

Immediately switches to shooting mode, lens extends (if it is not already) zoom resets to 28 mm equiv. and the camera prepares to shoot (depending on exposure mode - below).
Power Off

Switches the camera off, lens retracts. If there are any images still in the cameras buffer it will continue to write them out to the storage card before fully powering off.
Play mode

Displays the last image shot (or the last image on the storage card). All controls revert to their play mode function. Remote control is automatically enabled. Half-press the shutter release to return to record mode.

Buttons (Record mode)


The function of this button depends on the setting of the 'Flash pop-up' menu option. With Flash pop-up set to On you can select from flash on or off, the flash will automatically pop-up when you half-press the shutter release. With Flash pop-up set to Off pressing this button releases the flash which pop's up immediately.

Macro Focus

Switches between normal and macro focus modes:

 • Normal (focus range at wide angle 50 cm - Infinity)
 • Macro (focus range at wide angle 10 - 50 cm)

Note that you can also select 'Super Macro' from the camera menu which provides focusing as close as 3 cm with a locked zoom.
Drive Mode

Selects between different exposure drive modes:

 • Single shot
 • Continuous (either normal or high speed - menu option)
 • Self-timer (with remote control enabled)

Select a metering mode:

 • Evaluative
 • Center-weighted Average
 • Spot

Buttons (Play mode)

Image magnify (in)

Magnifies the displayed image, there are ten steps up to 10x magnification. Each press of this button jumps a step up the magnification. Use the 4-way controller to scroll around the magnified image. Note that you can also magnify by turning the lens barrel zoom ring.
Toggle Thumbnail view / Image magnify (out)

If magnified pressing this button steps out of each level of magnification. Once at full image view press again to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail view and once more to switch to jump mode.

Lens barrel controls

Unlike other prosumer level digital cameras with prominent lens barrels the Pro1 has no button controls on the barrel or left side (from the back) of the camera. The significant control here however is the zoom ring which when turned sends an electronic signal to the camera's computer which in turn responds by affecting the zoom position. This zoom by wire setup works to a degree but doesn't feel as responsive or immediate as a mechanically linked zoom ring (nor is it as fast). It's also worth noting that there are forty (40) set positions between wide and telephoto and so the zoom does step if you are turning the ring slowly. Hold the MF button on the rear of the camera and turn the lens ring to manually focus.

Turn the ring in play mode to magnify the image.