All of the camera's connectors are arranged in a neat row at the bottom rear of the camera beside the LCD monitor, they are covered by a neat hinged plastic door (Kudos for this). In order the connectors are: USB (1.1), DC-IN (for optional AC adapter) and A/V out.


One of the biggest items of news surrounding the Pro1 must be the fact that this is the first Canon digital camera to have its lens labeled as an "L-series", the designation normally reserved for Canon's line of professional SLR lenses. Canon has chosen to use this designation to indicate that quality of the lens and that it uses a combination of UD (ultra-low dispersion) and fluorite lens elements. In addition the lens also uses an Ultrasonic motor for zoom. In my opinion it's a pity that Canon didn't implement a mechanically linked zoom.

The Pro1 can take a range of add-on lenses, these attach to a bayonet mount which is revealed by removing the small ring at the front of the body of the lens barrel (you must hold a button just to the left of the barrel to remove). Included with the Pro1 is the FA-DC58A filter adapter which provides a 58 mm thread (for filters only) and the LH-DC10 lens hood.

Lenses compared

Camera Labeled as Zoom range
(35 mm equiv.)
Max aperture
(wide - tele)
Zoom type
Nikon Coolpix 8700 Nikkor ED 35 - 280 mm F2.8 - F4.2 Motor, lever
Minolta DiMAGE A2 GT Lens 28 - 200 mm F2.8 - F3.5 Mechanical, ring
Canon PowerShot Pro1 Ultrasonic L-series 28 - 200 mm F2.4 - F3.5 Motor, ring
Olympus C-8080 WZ ED High Resolution 28 - 140 mm F2.4 - F3.5 Motor, lever
Sony DSC-F828 Carl Zeiss T* 28 - 200 mm F2.0 - F2.8 Mechanical, ring

Base / Tripod Mount

On the base of the camera is a metal tripod mount, although for some reason it's not in line with the lens (I've no idea why because there appears to be plenty of 'real estate' available for it). Secondly the raised 'foot' platform around the mount is strangely small. It would have been nice to see a large rubber foot around the tripod mount.

Remote Control

Supplied with the camera is this handy Infrared remote control, with a 5 m range it can be used to remotely fire the shutter release, control the zoom and other menu options or as a control for playback (say of a slideshow on a TV screen) with thumbnail, zoom and DISPLAY buttons also available. Kudos for making this a standard accessory.

Pop-up Flash

The Pro1 has an electronically released pop-up flash, it has a quoted range of 0.5 - 5.0 m (1.6 - 16.4 ft) at wide angle and 1.0 - 3.5 m (3.3 - 11.5 ft) at telephoto. In Auto exposure mode the flash pop's up when required (auto flash), in the other exposure modes you can choose from having the flash pop-up when required or pop-up only when the flash button is pressed. Note that the small lamp set below the flash unit is the red-eye reduction lamp which shines a bright white light while you hold the shutter release button when red-eye reduction is enabled.

Flash Hot-shoe

The Pro1 has a fully wired E-TTL hot-shoe mounted on the top of the camera. This allows for full compatibility with a range of Canon Speedlite: 220EX, 380EX, 420EX, 550EX, MR-14EX / MT-24EX Macro Lite and also non-TTL use of other flash / studio systems.

AF Sensor

The Pro1 has a hybrid auto focus system, it combines information from an external AF sensor mounted to the upper left of the lens barrel with normal TTL video AF detected by the CCD. In low light situations the external sensor is relied on even more, the Pro1 does not have a visible light AF assist lamp.

Supplied In the Box

The contents of the retail box are:

• Canon PowerShot Pro1 Digital Camera
• BP-511A Lithium-Ion battery
• CB-5L (or CG-580) battery charger
• 64 MB CompactFlash card
• WL-D100 IR Remote Control
• Lens cap, hood, filter adapter
• Shoulder strap
• USB & AV cable
• Canon Solutions CD-ROM
• User Manual

Canon Accessories

Battery Pack BP-511A / BP-511 / BP-512 / BP-514 AC adapter CA-560 Charger Adapter/ Car Battery Cable Kit CR-560
Soft Case SC-DC30 Tele-converter TC-DC58A *
(1.5x multiplier)
Close-up Lens 500D (58mm) *
Compact EX-series Speedlites
Speedlite 220EX, Speedlite 420EX, Speedlite 550EX
Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX *

Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX *

* Requires Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58C
** Not a complete list