The Pro1 is supplied with a software CD-ROM containing:

  • Canon ZoomBrowser EX (Windows)
  • Canon ImageBrowser (Mac)
  • Canon RemoteCapture
  • Canon PhotoStitch
  • ArcSoft PhotoStudio & VideoImpression
  • Drivers (TWAIN, WIA, PTP, Mac OS X)

We have covered PhotoStitch in the past and it appears to be unchanged as provided with the Pro1, however the new version (4.6) of ZoomBrowser EX does have some significant changes including a new RAW conversion add-in 'RAW Image Task'. Note that Canon do not provide their FileViewerUtility with the Pro1, you now have to use ZoomBrowser EX (or a third party RAW converter).

Canon ZoomBrowser EX 4.6

ZoomBrowser is a photo file transfer / browsing / organization / manipulation / printing application with an easy to use interface and a unique method of displaying folders of images. ZoomBrowser can be used as a traditional thumbnail browser or when switched into the View mode of 'Zoom Mode' it displays sub-folders of images as smaller grouped thumbnails.

Below you can see the main browsing window and task list to the left, this provides the following functions:

  • Camera & Memory Card
    • Browse & Download Images
    • Upload Images
    • My Camera Settings
    • Remote Shooting (launches Remote Capture)
  • Print
    • Layout Print
    • Contact Sheet Print
  • View & Modify
    • View as a Slide Show
    • Export Images
    • Edit Image
    • Stitch Photos (launches PhotoStitch)
    • Edit Movie
    • Search
    • Export Movies
    • Backup to CD
    • Process RAW Images...
  • Internet
    • Email images
    • Image Gateway Top Page
    • Image Gateway Album
    • Upload to Image Gateway
    • Download My Camera Contents

Selected images can be viewed, rotated, deleted or moved to other folders as well as the selection of tasks on the left. You can also view properties for an image (including exposure info).

Main ZoomBrowser with multiple folders displayed
Main ZoomBrowser window with a single folder selected

Double-click on an image (or select View Image from the View menu) to display the image in its own window along with several manipulation controls such as color, brightness and contrast.

Right click on an image and select 'Properties' to display an image's properties, comments and keywords. On the right hand side below you can see a cut&paste of the text from the properties window, fairly basic exposure information (note that the 'Image Size' information is wrong).

File Name
Camera Model Name
Canon PowerShot Pro1
Shooting Date/Time
03/30/2004 11:20:08 AM
Tv( Shutter Speed )
Av( Aperture Value )
Image Size
Color Space
File Size
Owner's Name

ZoomBrowser provides support for either Layout or Contact sheet printing, the former attempts to fit images to the paper for a particular layout (typically two images per page). Contact sheet printing does just that and produces a contact sheet of images with exposure information below each image.

Layout printing Contact sheet printing

ZoomBrowser provides 'favorite image' marking as well as keyword attachment, these keywords can be used later in combination with the Search option to isolate images taken of a certain person, in a place or at an event (or any combination).

Attaching keywords to an image or multiple images
Searching for images using flags, dates or keywords

Other features in ZoomBrowser include export of images to other formats or as a screen saver or direct emailing of selected images, including reduction in size.

Export E-mail