Playback menus

Play mode default display, a line of basic information showing filename, date & time stamp and quality setting. One of the three alternative play mode views includes a histogram display and exposure information.
Turning the control dial in playback mode allows you to scroll quickly through images (you scroll through full screen images using the left and right keys). The G7 provides play magnification up to to 10x. You can move around the image using the 4-way controller. Press the zoom controller towards the wide angle to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail index.
New for the G7 are 'categories', which you can assign to any image if you're the type who leaves hundreds of pictures on your card and needs to categorize them to make finding them easier. The Jump feature has been beefed up and now has it's little menu, allowing you to move from shot to shot based on various criteria.
You can apply 'My Colors' effects to saved images, which is much better than committing to them at the point you take the picture. The G7 has Canon's fancy new playback options, including slideshow transitions and a useful playback mode orientation sensor.
The play menu offers the usual range of options, including protecting, rotating and deleting images, plus a sound recorder. The G7 also has Canon's new separate Print menu for the G7's enhanced direct print capabilities.