Compared to the Canon PowerShot G2

Many existing PowerShot G2 owners and those who have previous experience of the G2 will no doubt be interested to see what the G3 may offer them.

Color comparison

Below is a standard shot of a GretagMacbeth ColorChecker chart shot by the PowerShot G3. If you place your mouse cursor over the image it will change to the same shot taken by a PowerShot G2. Automatic white balance, shot outdoors. As you can see there have been some subtle tweaks to color response, most noticeable in red response.

Place your mouse cursor over the image above to see
the PowerShot G2 shot

Studio scene comparison

Canon PowerShot G3 Canon PowerShot G2
ISO 50, 1/4 sec, F5.0 ISO 50, 1/3 sec, F5.0
1,579 KB JPEG 1,680 KB JPEG

Immediately you can see a difference between the G2 and G3. Initial reaction is that the G3 is less sharp, but when examining the images for detail it's clear that the G3 is capable of resolving at least as much as the G2. The difference appears to be in the sharpening algorithms which do seem to be tuned to a slightly less aggressive level. This has also taken care of some of the 'white spot' sharpening artifacts observed by some G2 owners.