Supplied software (contd.)

Canon RemoteCapture

Remote Capture allows you to remotely control the camera from your PC via the supplied USB cable. All camera settings can be made through the software and images are transferred back to the computer as they are taken (and stored on the PC's hard disk). After starting the application it will connect to the camera and display two windows, the Shooting window (for controlling the camera and taking the shot) and the Save window which shows a history of shots taken as well as a histogram view.

Shooting window

The Shooting window provides the interface to camera settings as well as the actual Release button itself. Expanding the window to show 'Detail settings' gives you five tabs of settings as well as a live video feed 'viewfinder' (you can choose to also have the live view displayed on the cameras LCD or output to the Video Out terminal). You can change almost every setting on the camera as well as controlling focus and zoom. Note that as well as taking shots by pressing the 'Release' button Remote Capture can be set up to take images using an Interval Timer (Time-lapse) or a single shot after a certain amount of time.

Below you can see an animation of these five settings tabs as well as the camera settings dialog which allows you to set the camera owner's name, date & time and also the ability to format the Compact Flash card.

Save window

The Save window provides an instant view of the last image shot as well as a 'film strip' of previous frames. The currently selected image on the film strip (normally the last image) is shown as a larger preview along with a histogram and exposure information.

Clicking on 'View' displays the image in a larger single image view window where the image can be examined at different zoom levels.

Canon PhotoRecord

PhotoRecord can be thought of as an application for creating, managing, viewing and printing of 'virtual photo albums'. Each album can contain several pages and you simply create an album by 'Fetching' images into it. These images are then automatically laid out on pages (or you can manually place them). You can quickly change the layout of each individual page and even add effects such as captions and clipart. PhotoRecord fully supports ExifPrint (EXIF 2.2), however it requires a Canon EXif Print driver for output.

Below is the main window with an example album containing seven images arranged across three pages. The column of buttons down the left edge of each page indicates different pre-programmed layouts, click on one to change the layout of that page. The Control Panel allows you to control the layout and sizing of the Album overall as well as Fetching new images into it and printing.

You can also edit images in the album, simply double click on an image, from here you can edit / crop the image, rotate it and choose whether to allow automatic ExifPrint correction (based on EXIF 2.2 header information from the image file).