Canon Accessories - Lenses

There are currently three add-on lenses available for the G2, they are:

WC-DC28 Wide-angle lens (x0.8)
TC-DC58 Telephoto lens (x1.5)
250D Close-up lens

To use any of these lenses (or to add filters) you'll need the LA-DC58 adapter which screws onto the camera by removing the small silver ring at the back of the lens (as shown below).

Below you can see each of these lenses attached to the G2 via the LA-DC58 adapter.

LA-DC58 adapter screws onto a thread at the back of the lens. This provides a 58mm filter thread. 250D close-up lens fits onto the LA-DC58 and improves the camera's macro ability (at the telephoto end of zoom).
The large WC-DC58 modifies the camera's focal length range by x0.8, thus full wide angle becomes the equivalent of 27 mm (on a 35 mm camera). The TC-DC58 modifies the camera's focal length range by x1.5, thus provides an equivalent of 153 mm at full telephoto.

Here's what the G2's manual says about add-on lenses:

  • An externally mounted flash may not automatically adjust its output when a conversion lens is mounted on the camera. You may have to set the camera to manual mode and set the shutter speed and aperture to appropriate settings in this case.
  • Do not attach filters or lens hoods to the wide converter or tele-converter.
  • When using the built-in flash to shoot, a portion of the image may be blocked by the wide converter or tele-converter and appear dark.
  • When using the viewfinder to shoot, a portion of the image in the viewfinder may appear to be blocked by the wide converter or tele-converter.
  • Use the wide converter lens with the focal length set to the maximum wide angle setting.
  • Use the tele-converter lens with the focal length set to the maximum telephoto setting. At other zoom settings, the image will not appear correctly.

Canon Accessories - SC-PS700 soft case

The soft case has a belt loop on the back and a single loop on the right side which can be attached to the camera strap. At the back of the case is a small compartment for a spare Compact Flash card and / or the remote control.

Canon Accessories - 420EX Speedlight

The 420EX is probably the best match for the G2, it provides very good power output as well as full rotation ability, automatic zoom control, FE lock and slow synchro. Note that the G2 is also compatible with the 220EX, 380EX and 550EX as well as the MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite (below).

According to the G2's manual: The following functions can be used with a Speedlite 220EX, 380EX, 420EX or 550EX.

  • Auto Exposure (Use the E-TTL mode with a 550EX)
  • FE Lock (Not available in M mode)
  • Daylight Synchro
  • Slow Synchro
  • Flash Exposure Compensation (If a Speedlite 550EX is used, the 550EX’s settings take precedence if both the camera and the flash are set to E-TTL mode and the flash exposure compensation is set. The camera’s setting will not activate.)
  • Auto Zoom (Not available with the 220EX)

Canon Accessories - MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite

The flash unit part of the MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite attaches directly to the LA-DC58 adapter or (more preferably) to the 250D close-up lens via a screw on adapter (which the flash then clips on to). Simply attach the flash control unit to the camera's hot shoe and you're ready to shoot.

We'll cover what the MR-14EX can do later in this review.

Here's what the G2's manual says about the MR-14EX:

  • Shoot from a distance of at least 20 cm (8 in.) from the subject in macro mode. To shoot closer up, use the Av or M mode and set the aperture to a higher value.
  • When you are using Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX, you can shoot in E-TTL automatic flash exposure compensation mode just by setting the camera’s shooting mode to P, Tv or Av. You are recommended to use the Av mode for full-fledged macro flash photography. Since the aperture cannot be set freely in mode, it is not recommended.
  • The following functions can be used with Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX mounted.
    • E-TTL Automatic Flash Exposure Compensation
    • FE Lock
  • If the exposure compensation has been set on both the camera and Macro Ring Lite, the Macro Ring Lite settings take precedence and the camera’s settings will not activate.

Canon CP-10 Card Photo Printer

The G2 (just like the IXUS 300, IXUS v, A20 and A10) supports 'direct printing', this is a Canon specific communications protocol which allows digital cameras to be connected directly to compatible photo printers (currently only the CP-10 dye-sub card photo printer).

The CP-10 can produce 3.4 x 2.1 in photo quality prints, connection is made by the "digital" (USB) port with a single cable, the SET button now becomes a 'Print' button or you can select multiple images through the DPOF menu. Functionality has been enhanced on the G2 with the addition of the new 'Trimming' option which allows you to select a 3:2 ratio rectangle from the image which will make up the final print.

For a full review of the Canon CP-10 click here.

Other Canon Accessories

FC-8M, 16M, 32M, 64M, 128M
/ IBM Microdrive

Additional Batteries:
BP-511 / BP-512

Availability of accessories may vary by region.