Remote Capture

The G2 comes with an application which allows you to remotely control the camera (via. USB) for composition and shooting. It's designed to allow you to to do studio work directly from a computer (notebook is ideal) which will provide you with a larger, higher resolution live view and direct storage and review of each image as its shot. You can store images directly back to the host computer or on the cameras Compact Flash card. Below is an example of Remote Capture in use.

Main Windows

After starting Remote Capture and connecting the camera two windows are shown, the right one titled 'Shooting' provides a live video feed of the cameras current view (just like the LCD monitor on the camera). It provides control over camera settings such as Zoom, Flash, Macro, White Balance and Exposure Compensation. You can also rotate the view immediately.

The number of 'Shots To Go' is based on available hard disk space (if you're shooting directly back to the PC). Auto Focus and Auto Exposure have to be manually triggered by hitting the 'AF/AE Reset' button. You can take a shot using either the computer keyboard or camera shutter release.

The left window titled 'Save' shows the last captured image as well as exposure information and a histogram, it also has a running 'film strip' of previous captures.

Camera Settings Window

Selecting 'Camera' displays the window above, here you can set the owners name (which is subsequently recorded against all images), date & time and format the current CF card.

Preferences / Settings

The Preferences dialog allows you to select the destination for captured images as well as assigning a hotkey (a PC Function key) for capture. The Camera Display Settings dialog allows you to additionally output the live view video to the camera's Video Out terminal or Camera LCD monitor.