Compared to... Canon EOS Rebel XS (1000D)

Currently the street price for the G10 is $456 (£370), and the Canon EOS 1000D $474 (£346) with the 18-55 IS lens. These prices are very close, and in many stores, where camera brands will be grouped together, the 1000D and the G10 may even sit next to each other. This makes a comparison between these two cameras very interesting, as a 'bang for buck' comparison.

In this section we have included comparisons at ISO 80 (1000), ISO 400 and ISO 1600.

Note: the G10 shots were taken from a slightly higher position than the 1000D shots.

Studio scene comparison (@ ISO 80 on the G10, @100 on the 1000D)

  • Canon PowerShot G10: Aperture Priority mode, ISO 80, Default Image Parameters,
    Manual white balance, +0.67 EV compensation

  • Canon 1000D: Canon 50 mm F1.4 lens, Aperture Priority, ISO 100
    JPEG Large/Fine, Manual WB, Default Parameters (Standard), Self-Timer
  • Lighting: Daylight simulation, >98% CRI
Canon PowerShot G10
Canon EOS 1000D
ISO 80, 1/50 sec, F4
ISO 100, 1/25 sec, F9
5,298 KB JPEG
3,129 KB JPEG

Here you can see how astonishingly good the G10 can be in some situations. With good lighting, and on a tripod, the G10 is out resolving the 1000D. While the G10 may have more pixels, the 1000D has a much larger sensor. It is really impressive for a compact.