Image Processing Adjustments

The G1 allows for control over three aspects of the cameras internal processing algorithms. You can alter the sharpening, contrast and saturation of images. Although these settings are available in RAW mode they are not applied to the image in-camera but are stored in the RAW image headers as the default settings for the TWAIN acquire module.

Contrast -1 Contrast 0 Contrast +1
Saturation -1 Saturation 0 Saturation +1
Sharpening -1 Sharpening 0 Sharpening +1
Black & White All +1  

I've also included Black & White for comparison, the black & white mode on the G1 is a separate exposure mode not a menu selection. And also an "All +1" to show the effect of turning all settings up, Contrast +1, Saturation +1, Sharpening +1.

Digital Zoom

Readers of my reviews will know I'm not a huge fan of digital zoom as it's often a badly implemented and seldom used (by owners) marketing "ploy" to sell cameras which don't have an optical zoom. The G1 has a 3.0 x optical zoom, and two digital zooms of 2x and 4x (hidden away on the menu - so that probably tells you a lot about how important Canon feel digital zoom is).

Digital Zoom is simply cropping (selecting the mid part of the image) and sampling-up, the only advantage in doing digital zoom inside the camera is (a) if you don't have any photo software to magnify (and interpolate) the image or (b) to digitally zoom without zooming the JPEG artifacts.

No Digital Zoom Digital Zoom 2x
Digital Zoom 4x  

Aperture Priority Mode

Aperture priority is where you designate the aperture and the camera calculates the best shutter speed, if the exposure is outside of the cameras range (either over or under exposing) the nearest shutter speed will display in red on the LCD screen. Used properly Aperture Priority can be invaluable as it has a direct effect on depth of field (the distance in front and behind the focal point which will be in focus when taking the shot).

The G1 has a good range of available apertures:

  • Wide: F2.0, F2.2, F2.5, F2.8, F3.2, F3.5, F4.0, F4.5, F5.0, F5.6, F6.3, F7.1, F8.0
  • Tele: F2.5, F2.8, F3.2, F3.5, F4.0, F4.5, F5.0, F5.6, F6.3, F7.1, F8.0

Aperture Priority is an exposure mode is accessed by turning the exposure dial to Av. You can change aperture by pressing the left or right arrow keys on the 4-way controller. A basic example of aperture priority is shown below for more read my digital photography glossary:

F2.5, 1/50s
(Less depth of field)
F5.0, 1/15 s
(More depth of field)
F8.0, 1/5 s
(Maximum depth of field)