Camera INFO display

Camera information, pressing the INFO button with no reviewed image displays a quick view of current camera configuration. In this example:

Auto power off (8 mins), Review mode & time (On, 8 secs), Parameters (Standard), Custom functions (4:1, 5:2, 6:1, 11:2, 12:2), Flash compensation (0), Bracketing mode / Exposure compensation (+1.0 EV), Frames available at current quality/size setting (67), Remaining CF space (220 MB), current sensitivity (ISO 1000).

Review after shutter release

If enabled the D60 will provide an instant review of the image taken immediately after the shutter release. This can be either a single full screen image or a smaller image with histogram and exposure information (as described below). As the D60 is a 'shooting priority' camera a half or full press of the shutter release will immediately cancel this display and the camera is ready to shoot.

If you have the Review option set to On this is the kind of display you'll get after taking a shot, a simple full screen image with no information. If you have the Review option set to On (Info) then this is what you'll see. A smaller version of the image with overexposed areas highlighted (blinking), a histogram and exposure information.
During this instant review you can choose to delete the image before it's "saved" by pressing the erase button () directly below the LCD monitor.  

Play mode

The play button () is used to enter the D60's play mode, from here you can browse through your images (roll the quick control dial), examine under magnification or organize (delete) your images. As with record review a half or full press of the shutter release immediately cancels play mode and the camera is ready to shoot.

Press the play button () to display the last image taken (or the last image on the CF card). The D60 uses a 'rough image' technique to provide you with a very quick impression of the image, it then takes approximately two seconds to replace this with a finer detailed image. Press the info button (INFO.) to switch to the detailed histogram and exposure information view. Note that overexposed areas of the image are highlighted (blinking).
Press the thumbnail / mag button () once to switch to a 3 x 3 thumbnail index view of the images. Press the thumbnail / mag button () once more to switch to a magnified view, use the quick control dial to flip around the image (nine positions).
In single view or thumbnail view modes pressing the jump button (INFO.) allows you to scroll quickly through a page (9 images) at a time. Again, in either view mode press the erase button () to display the erase options, select Erase to delete the selected image or All... to display an OK / Cancel dialog to erase all images on the CF card (apart from those with a protect flag).