On the left side of the camera you'll find all of the camera's connections. Canon have done away with the individual screw caps over the flash sync and remote terminals (I know most D30 owners lost them within the first month). They have instead simply extended and remoulded the existing USB / Video rubber cover to also cover the flash sync and remote terminals. Behind all this rubber you'll find the custom USB terminal (cable supplied), Video Out (cable supplied), flash sync and remote terminal (N3).

Notable improvement: Improved connector covers.

Tripod Mount

On the bottom of the camera you'll find the metal tripod socket which is aligned exactly with the center line of the lens.

While there are no major complaints about the base of the D60 it would have been nice to see a rubberized foot plate (D1 style) which is always useful for firm tripod mounting and steadying the camera against lamp posts....

Internal Flash

The D60 has a built-in powered pop-up flash with approx. ranges as defined below (Wide / Tele refer to recommended EF 28 - 85 mm lens):

ISO speed Wide-angle: 24 mm Telephoto: 85 mm
100 1 - 3.4 m (3.3 - 11.2 ft) 1 - 2.6 m (3.3 - 8.5 ft)
200 1 - 4.8 m (3.3 - 15.7 ft) 1 - 3.7 m (3.3 - 12.1 ft)
400 1 - 6.8 m (3.3 - 22.3 ft) 1 - 5.3 m (3.3 - 17.4 ft)
800 1 - 9.6 m (3.3 - 31.5 ft) 1 - 7.5 m (3.3 - 24.6 ft)
1000 1 - 10.8 m (3.3 - 35.4 ft) 1 - 8.4 m (3.3 - 27.6 ft)

The built-in flash unit uses Canon's E-TTL system to meter flash output. It does this by firing a low power pre-flash just milliseconds before the main flash. The built-in flash can sync up to 1/200s. The flash pop-up is motorized, that is pressing the flash button pops the flash up using a motorized release mechanism. In AUTO exposure the flash will automatically pop-up when required. The redeye reduction system is attached to the AF assist lamp (below).

The D60 also allows for FE-Lock (Flash Exposure Lock) which can be used to take a meter reading of the subject using the flash before taking the shot. This can be useful for recomposing the scene, with the flash up (or an EX flash attached) simply aim the center of the frame at the subject to be metered, press the * button and the camera will fire the flash and take a meter reading, the next shot you take will use this locked exposure.

AF Assist Lamp

The AF assist lamp on the D60 will automatically illuminate the subject if light levels are too low for the AF system to make a good focus. It has an approximate range of 3.8m (12.5ft).

The lamp also doubles as a redeye reduction system, when redeye reduction is enabled the lamp will light for up to 1.5 seconds while you half-press the shutter release (countdown is displayed in the viewfinder).

Flash Hot-shoe

The D60's hot-shoe can be used with Canon and third party flash units (although features are limited with third party units).

It features Canon's latest flash technology, E-TTL (Evaluative TTL metering, a pre-flash just before the main flash). Supported E-TTL flash units: 220EX, 380EX, 420EX, 550EX. Autoflash (E-TTL) is not supported by EZ, E, EG, ML or TL-series speedlights.

Additional features enabled by the 550EX Speedlight: E-TTL (as described above), High Speed Sync (sync from 1/200 sec to 1/4000 sec), Flash Exposure Compensation (+/-2EV in 0.5 EV steps), Flash Exposure Bracketing (bracket three shots +/-3EV in 0.5 EV steps), Modelling Flash (a 70hz strobe of light for checking shadows - press the DOF preview button), Wireless Multi-Light E-TTL Autoflash.

Lens Mount

The D60 has a metal EF mount and thus supports all Canon EF group lenses (plus some older as manual focus and compatible third party lenses), remember that because the sensor is smaller than a 35 mm frame all lenses are subject to a field of view crop (focal length multiplier) of 1.6x, thus a 28 mm lens provides the same field of view of a 44.8 mm.

Supplied In the Box

Note that the EOS-D60 will be available in two different options: the standard 'kit' which is described below and a body-only deal which won't include the battery, charger or DC coupler. Note this time there is no CompactFlash card included with the camera.

The contents of the retail box (full kit) are:

  • Canon EOS-D60 SLR Digital Camera
  • BP-511 Lithium-Ion battery
  • CA-PS400 AC adapter/charger (110-240V)
  • DC Coupler DR-400
  • Strap (with eyepiece cover)
  • USB cable (IFC-200 PCU)
  • Video cable (VC-100)
  • Canon Solutions CD-ROM (PC/Mac)
    • Zoom Browser / ImageBrowser
    • Photo Stitch
    • Photo Record (PC only)
    • Remote Capture
    • TWAIN / WIA drivers / USB mounter / Photoshop plug-in
    • RAW Image Converter
  • Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE
  • User Manual (which is excellent)