Custom Functions

The 20 custom functions on the EOS 60D are split into four logical categories - each has its own menu and is identified using a roman numeral (I, II, III and IV). There's slightly less in here than seen on the 7D (or for that matter the 50D).

C.Fn I: Exposure

I-1: Exposure level increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1/2 stop
I-2: ISO speed setting increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1 stop
I-3: ISO expansion 0: Off
1: On (enables H ISO mode - equivalent to ISO 12,800)
I-4: Bracketing auto cancel 0: On
1: Off
I-5: Exposure Bracketing sequence 0: 0, -, +
1: -, 0, +
I-6: Exposure Safety shift 0: Disable
1: Enable (Tv/Av)
I-7: Exposure flash sync speed in Av mode 0: Auto
1: 1/250 - 1/60 sec auto
2: 1/250 sec (fixed)

C.Fn II: Image

II-1: Long exp. noise reduction 0: Off
1: Auto
2: On
II-2: High ISO speed noise reduction 0: Standard
1: Low
2: Strong
3: Disable
II-3: Highlight tone priority 0: Disable
1: Enable

C.Fn III: Auto focus / Drive

III-1: Lens drive when AF impossible 0: Continue Focus search
1: Stop Focus search
III-2: AF point selection method 0: AF point button: Activate AF Sel; Rear dial: Select AF points
1: AF point button: Auto selection; Rear dial: Manual selection
III-3:Superimposed Display 0: On
1: Off
III-4: AF-assist beam firing 0: Enable
1: Disable
2: Enable external flash only
3: IR AF assist beam only
III-5: Mirror lockup 0: Disable
1: Enable

C.Fn IV: Operation / Others

IV-1:AF and metering buttons Allows you to define functions of shutter release, AF-ON and * buttons in 10 permutations to control:
• Metering start
• Meter & AF Start
• AE Lock
• AF Stop
• No function 
IV-2: Assign SET Button 0: Default (no func)
1: Image Quality
2: Picture Style
3: White Balance
4: Flash Exp. comp.
5: Viewfinder leveling gauge (virtual horizon)
IV-3: Dial direction during Tv/Av 0: Normal
1: Reverse direction
IV-4: Focusing Screen 0: Ef-A
1: Ef-D
2: Ed-S
IV-5: Add image verification data 0: Disable
1: Enable

My Menu

The 'My Menu' feature on the EOS 60D allows you to produce your own custom menu made up of any of the cameras menu options (including custom functions). This means that previously buried but useful options can be added to a top level menu.