Camera information display

Pressing the INFO button with no reviewed image displays an overview of the current camera configuration (most of which are not on the status LCD.

Current Date / Time, Picture Style & Detail, Color space, WB Shift / Bracket, Registered camera settings, Flash exp. compensation, Camera sleep time, Orientation sensor, Folder number, File number, Kelvin WB, Storage space (MB), ISO sensitivity

Record review & Play

If enabled the EOS 5D will provide a review of the image shot immediately after the shutter release. By default the record review display mode will be a single image with a basic information overlay (folder, filename, shutter speed, aperture, frame number & count). You can choose between the three display modes by pressing the INFO button, these are the same in record review and play mode. During record review you can press the erase button to immediately erase the image.

Display modes

Single image, no overlaid information. Single image, basic information overlay.
Thumbnail image, luminance ('brightness') histogram, overexposed highlights and detailed exposure / file information. Thumbnail image, RGB histogram, overexposed highlights and detailed exposure /file information.

Play mode

In play mode you can browse images by turning the quick control dial, examine them under magnification or erase them. As with record review a half or full press of the shutter release immediately cancels play mode.

Press the enlarge (AF poit select) button to magnify the image, the first level of magnification is 1.5x, there are ten further magnification levels up to 10x. Here we can see a 10x magnified image, use the new multi-controller to move around the image.
Press reduce / thumbnail (AE lock) button to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail index view. Browse through images using the quick control dial. Press the JUMP button to enter a mode where you can skip images by either 10, 100, date or folder criteria.
Pressing the erase button to display this erase prompt which allows you to erase the current image or all images on the CF card (except those protected). If the orientation sensor was enabled at the time of capture an image will be displayed in its correct orientation.