Custom Functions

Much like the 450D and 500D, the 550D's custom functions are all listed on a single page. They include quite useful feaures such as Highlight Tone Priority. This is considered important enough that its status is indicated on the rear LCD panel when it's turned on, but not important enough to stop it being buried as Custom Function 6.

I-1: Exposure level increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1/2 stop
I-2: ISO expansion 0: Off
1: On (enables 'H' mode)
I-3: Exposure flash sync speed in Av mode 0: Auto
1: 1/200-1/60 sec auto
2: 1/200 sec (fixed)
II-4: Long exp. noise reduction 0: Off
1: Auto
2: On
II-5: High ISO speed noise reduction 0: Standard
1: Low
2: Strong
3: Disable
II-6: Highlight tone priority 0: Disable
1: Enable
III-7: AF-assist beam firing 0: Enable
1: Disable
2: Only external flash emits (IR only)
III-8: Mirror lockup 0: Disable
1: Enable
IV-9: Shutter/AE lock button 0: AF/AE lock
1: AE lock/AF
2: AF/AF lock, no AE lock
3: AE/AF, no AE lock
IV-10: Assign SET button 0: Normal (disabled)
1: Image quality
2: Flash exposure comp.
3: LCD monitor On/Off
4: Menu display
5: ISO speed
IV-11: LCD display when power ON 0: Display
1: Retain power OFF status
IV-12: Add original decision data 0: Off
1: On

My Menu

The 'My Menu' feature on the EOS 550D allows you to produce your own custom menu made up of any of the cameras menu options (including custom functions), which means that previously buried but useful options such as mirror lockup can now be brought to a top level menu. And, if it's the last menu you used, it'll be the one that confronts you when you press the 'Menu' button. My Menu isn't available in the camera's automated 'Basic Zone' modes.