Shooting mode information and Quick control screen

Pressing the INFO button in shooting mode displays an overview of the current camera configuration. The EOS 50D provides two different info displays; Normal display and Shooting function display. From there a press of the multi-selector takes you into the Quick control screen. Here you navigate using the multi-selector and press the SET button to access and change a setting. Alternatively you can turn the control dial while the 'cursor' is on a setting.

We've seen variations of this undoubtedly useful feature on other manufacturers' models before but this is the first time the Quick control screen has been implemented on a Canon.

Normal display Shooting function display
Press the multi-selector to enter the Quick control screen. You can press the SET button to enter a separate screen for each parameter or simply turn the control dial to change a setting.

Creative Auto mode

Creative Auto mode is a new feature on the EOS 50D. It is essentially a simplified Aperture Priority mode, giving you the options to choose between a blurred and sharp background and a darker or brighter image. The number of additional shooting settings in this mode has been significantly reduced.

Normal display Shooting function display

Record review & play displays

By default the EOS 50D provides a two second review display immediately after the shot is taken, this can be disabled or extended to 4 or 8 seconds or as long as you hold the shutter release button. During record review you can press the erase button to cancel / erase the current image. Record review and play share the same display modes, just press the INFO button to select between the four available modes (see below).

Display modes

There are four display modes available in record review / play, you can also optionally enable 'Highlight alert' (blinking highlights) and / or 'AF point display' (the last two in the table below).

1: Large image + status line (shutter speed, aperture, comp, filename, card) 2: Large image + status line + image number
3: Small image + status line + lum histogram + detailed shooting info 4: Small image + status line + lum histogram + RGB histogram + detailed shooting info
Optional 'AF point display' enabled Optional 'Highlight alert' enabled

Play magnification

The EOS 50D has dedicated magnify buttons and provides fifteen steps of magnification.

Play thumbnail index

Like its predecessor the 50D provides two levels of thumbnail index, the initial view being a four image 2x2 index, press the thumbnail button once more to switch to a nine image 3x3 index. You can use the multi-controller or quick command dial to move around images or the main dial to jump images (ideal if you have the 'screen' jump mode selected).

Other Play displays

You can 'protect' an image, so it can't be accidentally deleted. Images can be rotated in-camera by selecting the corresponding option in the review menu.