What's new / changed (key points)

15 megapixel CMOS sensor
The 500D uses a new, 15.0 megapixel sensor much like the one featured in the 50D.

The 500D becomes the fourth DSLR to gain the ability to record video. Again it's 1080p HD

Anti-reflection coated VGA screen
Although the size and resolution of the rear LCD doesn't have any effect on the shooting process until after you've got your shot (and the delays introduced by live view mean you're only likely to use it in very specific circumstances), working with a bright, high-resolution screen like this one is an absolute pleasure.

Digic 4
The 500D is the latest recipient of the Digic 4 processor that powers both the 50D and 5D Mk II. This brings a slightly different look to the cameras' menu systems as well as providing a series of additional functions.

Auto Lighting Optimizer
Like the other two Digic 4 cameras, the 500D offers three levels of Auto Lighting Optimizer, rather than the simple on/off setting of its predecessor.

Interactive Quick Control panel
A range of shooting settings can now be changed directly on screen. Press the SET button in the Quick Control screen and use the four-way controller to navigate.

Extended ISO range
Unlike the 450D, which offered a sensitivity range that extended to ISO 1600, the 500D reaches to 3200. This can then be expanded another two stops to ISO 12800 equivalent.

High ISO Noise Reduction
In line with this increased ISO range, the 500D also includes greater control over the amount of noise reduction being applied to JPEG files at higher ISOs.

Face Detection in Live View
In Live View the EOS 500D uses the same contrast detect AF as its predecessor but now also features a Face Detect option.

Peripheral Illumination Correction
The 500D gains the ability to brighten the corners of images to correct for lens vignetting. It's not often a problem on APS-C cameras, but it's there for those occasions when it is.

More languages
The user interface is now available in 25 languages, you would have to be unlucky to not understand at least one of them.

New Speedlite 270EX
The Speedlite 270EX is a new compact flash gun with a maximum guide number of 27 m and silent recycling. It's powered by 2 AA batteries.