Camera On/Off cleaning display

As mentioned previously the EOS 400D goes through its dust-removal cleaning process (when the low pass filter is vibrated to remove dust) during startup and shutdown. This process takes approximately one second and at startup can be interrupted at with a half-press of the shutter release if required. Cleaning at startup is indicated by a small animated icon (shown on the left, below) and at shutdown with a full screen message (on the right, below).

Cleaning at power on Cleaning at power off

Camera power off buffer write

If there are images still buffered in the camera and you turn the power switch to the Off position this count-down display is shown indicating that the camera is still busy writing ('recording') images to the storage card. Note that we could only produce this with a continuous burst of RAW images and a relatively slow card.

It's a pity they couldn't implement this for the card-door-open issue.

Camera settings and information display

As previously mentioned the EOS 400D now uses the LCD monitor for camera settings display during normal shooting, this automatically blanking if you raise your eye to the viewfinder. In addition you can also display the 'traditional' information display by pressing the DISP button while in a menu (as shown on the right below) this summarizes all other camera settings.

Camera settings display Additional information display

Record review & Play

By default the EOS 400D will provide a review of the image shot immediately after the shutter release (record review). The display mode used in record review always matches the last display mode used in play mode (minus the frame counter). In play mode simply press the DISP button to toggle through the three display modes (no overlay, basic overlay, histogram with blinking highlights and exposure information). The EOS 400D also now provides an RGB histogram option as shown below.

Play / Record review display modes

Single image, no overlaid information. Single image, basic information overlay.
Thumbnail image, brightness histogram, overexposed highlights and detailed exposure information. Thumbnail image, RGB histogram, overexposed highlights and detailed exposure information.

Play mode

In play mode you can browse images by turning the main dial, examine them under magnification or erase them. As with record review a half or full press of the shutter release immediately cancels play mode.

Press the enlarge (AF point select) button to magnify the image, the first level of magnification is 1.5x, there are ten further magnification levels up to 10x. Here we can see a 10x magnified image, use the 4-way controller to move around the image.
Press reduce / thumbnail (AE lock) button to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail index view. Browse through images using the quick control dial. Press the JUMP button to enter a mode where you can flip through pages of nine images at a time.
Pressing the erase button to display this erase prompt which allows you to erase the current image or all images on the CF card (except those protected). If you press the JUMP button with a single image displayed it shows this 'pop-up' which allows you to select between jumping by shot date, 10 or 100 images.

Play rotate options

The EOS 400D now gets the same three-position automatic rotate option that we first saw on the EOS 30D, you can choose whether to record orientation information or not and whether you want images in play mode to be automatically rotated.

Play mode rotate disabled Play mode rotate enabled