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Studio scene comparison (JPEG vs. Adobe Camera RAW)

Sometimes it's worth comparing the camera's JPEG output with converted RAW, for a best case result we chose our Beta copy of Adobe Camera RAW 3.1 (to be available for Photoshop CS2 when it is released).

Below are 100% crops from a JPEG straight from the camera and a RAW file converted in Adobe Camera RAW 3.1 (Beta), all other RAW conversion settings left as default (Auto mode disabled).

Canon EOS 350D
(straight from the camera)
Canon EOS 350D
(RAW converted using Adobe Camera RAW)
2,882 KB JPEG (3456 x 2304)
2,903 KB JPEG (3504 x 2336)

Shooting RAW and converting using Adobe Camera RAW (still in Beta form here) enables you to squeeze that little bit more detail out of the image, the appearance is a little crisper (even better per-pixel sharpness) with no noticeable sharpening artifacts. That said the difference between the camera JPEG and converted RAW is nowhere near as dramatic as we have seen in other cameras which indicates the EOS 350D's DIGIC II processor really is performing well.