Custom Functions

Custom functions on the EOS-1DS Mark III are split into four categories, each has its own menu and is identified using a roman numeral (I, II, III and IV).

C.Fn I: Exposure

I-1: Exposure level increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1/2 stop
I-2: ISO speed setting increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1 stop
I-3: ISO Speed Range Highest ISO speed (100-3200/H)
Lowest ISO speed (L/50-1600)
I-4: Bracketing auto cancel 0: On
1: Off
I-5: Exposure Bracketing sequence 0: 0, -, +
1: -, 0, +
I-6 Number of Bracketed shots 0: 3 shots
1: 2 shots
2: 5 shots
3: 7 shots
I-7 Spot meter. link to AF point 0: Disable (use center AF point)
1: Enable (use active AF point)
I-8: Exposure Safety shift 0: Disable
1: Enable (Tv/Av)
2: Enable (ISO speed)
I-9: Select usable shooting modes Manual, P, Tv, Av, Bulb On/Off
I-10: Select usable metering modes Eval, Center Weighted, Spot, Average On/Off
I-11: Exposure mode in manual expo.

0: Specified metering mode
1: Evaluative Metering
2: Partial Metering
3: Spot Metering
4: Center-weighted average

I-12: Set shutter speed range Highest Speed: 1/250 to 1/8000
Lowest Speed: 30 secs to 1/60th
I-13: Set aperture value range Min aperture value (Max. f/): 1.4 - 91
Max. aperture (Min. f/): 1.0-64
I-14: Apply shooting/metering mode 0: With AE lock button (AF on)
1: With AE lock button (AF off)
I-15: Flash sync. speed in Av mode 0: Auto
1: 1/250 sec (fixed)

C.Fn II: Image/Flash exp/Disp

II-1: Image Long exp. noise reduction 0: Off
1: Auto
2: On
II-2: High ISO speed noise reduction 0: Off
1: On
II-3: Image Highlight tone priority 0: Disable
1: Enable
II-4: E-TTL II flash metering 0: Evaluative flash metering
1: Average flash metering
II-5: Shutter curtain sync. 0: 1st-curtain synchronization
1: 2nd-curtain synchronization
II-6: Flash firing 0: Enable
1: Disable
II-7: Viewfinder info. during exp 0: Disable
1: Enable
II-8: LCD panel illumi. during bulb

0: Off
1: On during bulb

II-9: Info button when shooting 0: Displays camera settings
1: Displays shooting settings

C.Fn III: Auto focus / Drive

III-1: USM lens electronic MF 0: Enable after One-shot AF
1: Disable after One-shot AF
2: Disable in AF mode
III-2: Servo tracking sensitivity Slow - Fast (5 steps)
III-3: AI Servo 1st/2nd img. priority 0: AF priority/Tracking priority
1: AF priority/Drive speed priority
2: Release/Drive speed priority
III-4: AI Servo AF tracking method 0: Main focus point priority
1: Continuous AF track priority
III-5: Lens drive when AF impossible 0: Focus search on
1: Focus search off
III-6: Lens AF stop button function

0: AF stop
1: AF start
2: AE lock
3: AF point: M->Auto / Auto->Ctr
4: One Shot <-> AI Servo
5: IS start
6: Switch to registered AF point

III-7: AF Microadjustment 0: Disable
1: Adjust all by same amount
2: Adjust by lens
III-8: AF expansion w/selected pt 0: Disable
1: Enable (left/right Assist pts)
2: Enable (surrounding Assist p)
III-9: Selectable AF point 0: 19 points
1: Inner 9 points
2: Outer 9 points
3: 19 points with manual selection
4: Inner 9 points with manual selection
4: Outer 9 points with manual selection
III-10: Switch to registered AF point 0: Disable
1: Enable
III-11: AF point auto selection 0: rear dial direct: disable/front: enable
1: rear dial direct: disable/front: disable
2: rear dial direct: enable/front: enable
III-12: AF point display during focus 0: on
1: off
2: On (when focus achieved)
III-13: AF point brightness 0: Normal
1: Brighter
III-14: AF-assist beam firing 0: Enable
1: Disable
2: Only external flash emits
III-15: Mirror lockup 0: Disable
1: Enable
2: Enable: Down with SET
III-16: Continuous shooting speed High Speed: 2,3,4 or 5 fps
Low Speed: 1,2,3 or 4 fps
III-17: Limit continuous shot count 2-99 shots

C.Fn IV: Operation / Others

IV-1: Shutter button / AF-ON button 0: Metering + AF start
1: Metering + AF start / AF stop
2: Metering start / Meter+AF start
3: AE lock / Metering + AF start
4: Metering + AF start / disable
IV-2: AF-ON / AE lock button switch 0: Disable
1: Enable
IV-3: Quick control dial in meter. 0: Exposure comp./Aperture
1: AF point selection
2: ISO speed
3: AF point selection/AE-comp button swap
4: ISO speed/AE-Comp button swap
IV-4: SET button when shooting
(only when Live View is disabled)
0: Normal (disabled)
1: White Balance
2: Image Size
3: ISO speed
4: Change Picture Style
5: Record func. + media/folder
6: Menu display
7: Image replay
IV-5: Tv/Av setting for manual exp. 0: Front dial Tv, Rear dial Av
1: Front dial Av, Rear dial Tv
IV-6: Dial direction during Tv/Av 0: Normal
1: Reverse direction
IV-7: Av setting without lens 0: Disable
1: Enable
IV-8: WB + media size settings 0: Real LCD panel
1: LCD monitor
IV-9: lock/audio button function

0: Protect (hold down for sound rec).
1: Sound rec (protect: disable)

IV-10: Button function when rear dial off 0: Normal (enable)
1: Disable front dial, rear dial and multi controller.
IV-5: Focusing Screen 0: L Ec-CIV
1: L Ec-A, B, C, CII, CIII, D, H, I L
2: P Ec-S
3: N Ec-N, R
IV-12: Timer length for timer 6 sec timer: 0 secs to 60 mins
16 sec timer: 0 secs to 60 mins
Timer after release: 0 secs to 60 mins
IV-13: Shortened release lag time 0: Disable
1: Enable
IV-14: Add aspect ratio information 0: Off
1: Aspect Ratio 6:6
2: Aspect Ratio 3:4
3: Aspect Ratio 4:5
4: Aspect Ratio 6:7
5: Aspect Ratio 10:12
6: Aspect Ratio 5:7
IV-15: Add original decision data 0: Off
1: On
IV-7: Live View exposure simulation 0: Disable (LCD auto adjust)
1: Enable (simulates exposure)

My Menu

The new 'My Menu' feature (found on most current EOS models) on the EOS-1DS Mark III allows you to produce a custom menu made up of any of the cameras menu options (including custom functions) which means that previously buried but useful options such as Mirror lockup can now be brought to a top level menu.