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Save File

With one or more image (RAW in the example below) selected you can save them to JPEG, TIFF 8-bit or TIFF 16-bit.

Image file information (from file header)

The text below is an example of the information available in the bottom right hand pane of the main window. As you can see it covers a wide range of exposure and camera setting information as well as a complete set of the custom function settings.

File Name
Camera Model Name
Canon EOS-1DS
Shooting Date/Time
9/21/2002 1:48:11 PM
Shooting Mode
Aperture-Priority AE
Tv( Shutter Speed )
Av( Aperture Value )
Metering Mode
Exposure Compensation
ISO Speed
28.0 - 70.0 mm
Focal Length
64.0 mm
Image Size
Image Quality
White Balance
AF Mode
One-Shot AF
Tone Curve Standard
Sharpness level 1
Pattern sharpness Standard
Color Matrix
Noise reduction
File Size
Custom Function Settings
00:Focusing Screen
01:Finder display during exposure
0:No viewfinder display
02:Shutter release without CF card
1:Not possible
03:ISO speed expansion
1:Expanded sensitivity
04:Shutter button/AE lock button
0:AF/AE lock
05:Manual Tv/Av set. for M exp.
1:Tv value: Quick Control dial,
Av value: Main dial
06:Exposure level increments
0:1/3-stop set, 1/3-stop comp.
07:USM lens electronic MF
0:Turns on after One-Shot AF
08:Top LCD panel/Back LCD panel
1:ISO/Remain. Shots
09:Auto bracketing sequence/cancel
0:0,-,+/Auto cancellation
10:AF point illumination
11:AF point selection method
0:AF point selection button + Main
/ Quick Control dial operation
12:Mirror lockup
13:Number AF points/Spot metering
0:45/Center AF point
14:Auto reduction of fill flash
15:Shutter curtain synchronization
0:1st-curtain synchronization
16:Safety shift in Av or Tv
17:AF point activation area
0:Single AF point
18:Switch to registered AF point
0:Assist button + AF point selection button
19:Lens AF stop button function
0:AF stop
20:AI SERVO tracking sensitivity
Drive Mode
Single-frame shooting
Owner's Name test
Camera Body No.

Camera connected: Camera Settings

The camera settings dialog allows you to set / retrieve various camera settings: camera model, body ID, firmware version, owners name, date & time, CF card status (and format option), personal functions, parameter sets, personal white balance.

Camera connected: Personal Functions

I previously covered the personal functions in some detail, however below you'll see an animation of the dialog used to set these functions.

Camera connected: Parameters

The parameters option allows you to create up to three parameter sets which can contain a custom tone (gamma) curve, sharpening settings as well as individual compression ratios for Fine and Normal JPEG modes. Note that you can also change / select these options via the camera menu.

Camera connected: Personal White Balance

This option allows you to pre-program the PC-1, PC-2 or PC-3 white balance presets with your own white balance measurement. Measurements can be taken from a RAW file using the eyedropper and then saved into a white balance file, this can then be loaded into the camera via the Personal White Balance dialog (below) and assigned to a particular personal preset. Very useful if you regularly use the same lighting setup in a studio.