Shooting mode information

Pressing the INFO button displays an overview of the current camera configuration. The Mark IV does away with the super-detailed but essentially illegible settings list, instead just presenting a full-screen version of the information shown on the top display panel. This display isn't interactive in the way it would be on a camera with fewer external controls, instead a different option screen is brought up depending on which button has been pressed.

Shooting function display Normal display

Record review & play displays

The Mark IV has a fairly standard choice of playback screens and, as usual for Canon DSLRs, these can be tailored to your tastes, including the option of whether overexposed areas 'blink' or whether the histogram display shows luminance or separate Red, Green and Blue data. The maximum number of images that can be shown in thumbnail mode is 9 (the same as the Mark III), which doesn't make great use of the new, higher resolution screen.

Single image
Shutter speed, Aperture, Exposure comp. Image number and card are shown. The rear dial moves between images while the front control dial 'jumps' (see below).

Single image
Same as previous but with file size/quality and image count overlaid.

Shooting information (and histogram)
Histogram (brightness or RGB) and detailed information display with exposure details, histogram and AF point display. Use the quick control dial and SELECT button to browse.

Shooting information (dual histograms)
RGB and Brightness histograms, basic shooting information.

Four image index
2 x 2 thumbnail display. Exposure and file number relates to currently selected image. Use the quick control dial or front dial to browse / jump.

Nine image index
3 x 3 thumbnail display. Exposure and file number relates to currently selected image. Use the quick control dial or front dial to browse / jump.

When browsing through images in the thumbnail views using the rear dial, images will 'scroll on' from the bottom right or top left corner (depending on the direction). The front dial can now be used to scroll through thumbnails a page at a time.

Additional functions

Image Jump
In playback mode the front dial is used to 'jump' between images based on a choice of criteria shown above - including number of images, data, or file type (movie/stills)

Histogram display: RGB

Recording a voice annotation
Hold the protect / sound record button for two seconds in display mode to begin recording a voice annotation (up to 30 seconds) which is 'attached' to the image (.WAV file has the same filename).

Playback of voice annotation

Image Protection

Image Selection for Protection

Erase Mode
Press the Erase button to switch into erase mode, hold the Erase button and turn the quick control dial to select OK / Cancel / All. You can still browse images by holding SELECT and turning the quick control dial.

Erase mode